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Egypt bank seeks to buy small Kenyan institution

Mayfair, which opened its doors in August 2017, has about five outlets.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu in hospital

Tutu used the pulpit to preach against the injustices of white minority rule during the apartheid era

2019 showbiz: Court drama, cinema records and a billionaire

Ending of "Game of Thrones" divided fans, some petitioning for a re-write.

Government should nationalise Kenya Airways quickly -CEO

Countries like Tanzania and Rwanda are investing heavily in their national carriers, threatening Kenya Airways’ market ...

Taliban ready for peace talks after Trump's visit

Trump’s Thanksgiving Day visit was his first to Afghanistan since becoming president.

U.S. Navy chief fired for handling SEAL saga involving Trump

The SEAL was acquitted by a military jury in July.

Guinea Bissau votes for president after weeks of chaos

President Jose Mario Vaz, 61, is seeking re-election for a second term

WHO sounds alarm on Ebola due to Congo insecurity

Islamist militiamen killed at least 19 people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Zimbabwe's vice president returns after treatment in China

Chiwenga has spent a large part of the year away from work receiving treatment

Ethiopia's ruling coalition agrees to form single-party

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the decision to merge had been taken unanimously.

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