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Pope backs Iraqi call for its sovereignty to be respected

The Pope discussed the Middle East with US Vice President Mike Pence on Friday.

Senate approves Trump impeachment trial plan

Trump was impeached last month by the House of Representatives.

China virus death toll rises to nine as pandemic fears mount

Signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, breathing difficulties.

Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane

The plane was shot down in error at a time when Iran was on high alert for a U.S. attack.

Kenya in talks with World Bank for loan of as much as Sh100 billion

The World Bank, which has multiple development funding programs with Kenya worth billions of dollars, is seen as one of ...

Putin proposal of powerful PM could extend his rule

Comments likely to reignite speculation about his plans once his term ends in 2024.

Delta flight dumps fuel on school

Parents were notified to pick up their children near the school.

Those companies are currently worth a combined 2.5 trillion shillings

•Companies listed at NSE stand at 65 and are currently worth a combined 2.5 trillion shillings •The NSE, which issued a ...

Newlyweds among crash victims

Newlywed couple that had traveled to Iran to get married were among 63 Canadians killed

Missile system suspected of bringing down airliner

If launched at a target 5 km (3 miles) away, they will arrive within about five seconds.

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