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Will Elachi save Sonko from impeachment?

If Sonko impeached, Senate approves, Elachi takes UNTIL BY-election.

Impeachment motion looms as MCA's try to 'fix' Sonko's error

Some of the nominated MCAs were against the motion.

New bill to zone out CBD for hawkers

However, hawkers are known to be lawless and have always disregarded city by-laws.

County assembly divided after court bars Sonko from office

ODM MCAs blamed Jubilee for failing to push for the nomination of a deputy governor.

Sonko’s charges cap year of turmoil in city’s governance

The governor and MCAs have turned the city into a theatre of the absurd.

Blame games over John Osogo Road nightmare

The road leading to Dandora dumpsite has yet to be completed.

Elachi to seek AG's opinion over Nairobi governor crisis

County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi on Wednesday adjourned sittings.

City's water rationing to persist despite dams filling up

Water CEC says the county can't do much until installed production capacity is expanded.

Keep calm, MCAs tell residents ahead of Sonko bail ruling

Majority Leader says operations going on as normal.

City Hall reverts to Sh200 parking fees

Last week, cost was hiked to Sh400.

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