Elizabeth Mbugua

Medical Law Writer

BIO: Elizabeth is an advocate of the High Court passionate about medical law and ethics, especially on organ donation and transplantation.

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Supreme Court saves Kenyans from cigarette doom

Smoking is hard to shake off, hence adverts ban is laudable

Should euthanasia be legalised in Kenya?

The 15-year imprisoning of parents for euthanising their child stirs debate

Cervical cancer can be kicked out like polio and smallpox

It can be eliminated through awareness, vaccination, screening and treatment

Using laws to protect health of expectant women

We need to create a safe country for women as they bring their newborns into the world.

Why many medical cases end up in court

Uncertainty clouds the Information that ought to be provided to patients

Organ harvesting as a form of human trafficking

It is not always a case of willing buyer, willing seller

When hospitals ask for donations before transfusing blood

Patients find themselves in desperate need, especially sickle-cell disease patients

Which is the best organ donation system for Kenya

It is important to have a comprehensive procurement system and a robust, transparent organisational.

Can incompetent adults donate their organs?

Incompetent adults are adults who are not able to give informed consent.

Does religion oppose organ donation?

Christians are encouraged to donate, as long as it doesn't violate the person's dignity.

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