BIO: Andrew Kasuku is a Photojournalist and writer based in Nairobi who penetrates the country to cover stories with bias on natural disasters, human interest, crime and environment.

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Kismayu and Dhobley towns now hallmarks of peace, hope

At Dhobley town clothes businesses and hotels flourish.

The other side of KDF's war in Somalia

Have initiated several programmes to win the support of the communities in their areas of operation.

My first hand experience of KDF operations in Somalia

Loud gun fire under the cover of darkness, sweltering weather were part of the experience

Town where water stains residents’ teeth

Freshwater shortage drives Makindu residents to fluoride-filled sources

Sources of fluoride in Makindu’s water

Scientists say it comes from rocks in the ground

Why KDF may not withdraw from Somalia soon

Kenya is set to mark a decade in Somalia on Thursday after launching Operation Linda Nchi.

Kitui launches Universal Health Coverage programme

The Kitui-UHC will cover 85,000 households in this financial year.

Claims of death threats in war on drugs in Likoni

An elder says a suspected drug baron came to his house and threatened to kill him

Detectives foil attack, arrest two terror suspects

They were cornered as they were about to cross from the mainland side to the Island side

Two terror suspects arrested at Likoni Crossing Channel

Two AK-47 rifles, ammunition and other items were recovered during the joint operation.

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