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Africans ought to lead climate action

We don’t have to wait to 2050 to experience the devastating effects.

Climate crisis is full-blown, time to act is now

In this decade we must commit to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

Climate change: Stop this march to the precipice

Global warming, collapse of biodiversity pose grave danger to humankind

The peril and promise of 2020s

Technology will break new barriers in the 2020s.

We must harness technology for greater good in the new decade

Technology is attended by unforeseen outcomes or consequences.

Young and old need to fight global warming

In Thunberg’s words, there is a tomorrow.

Climate change calls for decisive action

The crisis is existential and we are in it together.

Are we ready for global climate upheaval?

Impact of 2019 El Nino could be bigger than 1997-98 one.

KCPE results reveal deep regional disparities

Patterns underline a poverty and nutrition penalty that children in marginal counties must incur.

Resolve dearth of skills and jobs

We must also prepare the youth for the technology intensive jobs of the future.

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