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Big Four more than a legacy agenda

Successful execution an inescapable precondition for launching economic, social transformation.

Digital transformation heralds new dawn for media

Demand for instant content anywhere, anytime opens new vistas for innovation.

Make classrooms innovation studios

Students still have to toil through dry, uninspiring and sometimes unrelatable readings.

Leadership in the age of complexity and uncertainty

The problems we confront are complex, interconnected and emergent.

African child in sordid condition

Human capital central pillar to quest for prosperity, sustainable growth.

Child hunger defies Africa’s economic growth

Growth must be measured in gains in quality of life, not just GDP.

Great journalism key to vibrant, profitable media industry

Uncompromising excellence in writing is the lifeblood of journalism.

Leaders do more than exercise authority

It is about people; it emerges from and is sustained by social influence, not power.

Higher education reform must be driven by dialogue

Of 31 public universities, been little consultation on reforms needed.

Africa-China relationship should be deeper and equitable

Becoming the next global manufacturing hub must be earned.

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