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We underestimated virulence of the coronavirus

Pace of vaccine rollout is pathetic.

We march on with renewed fervour in nation building

To build a nation, we must march past the mounds of petty ethnic bigotry

Educate public on Covid-19 vaccines

Elite assumed that people would accept vaccine simply because the virus is deadly.

Covid vaccine: Poor nations left behind

Race to vaccinate against Covid-19 has opened an unconscionable and revolting frontier of inequity.

Equitable access to Covid vaccines vital

There’s a long and painful economic price to pay if we don’t ensure equitable access.

Governments in power a threat to democracy

The incompetence and hubris of the political and intellectual elite are staggering.

One Health approach will avert future pandemics

Considers interdependence among human, animal and environmental well-being.

Vaccine may not deliver relief from Covid-19 surge

We must continue to enforce with renewed fervor the tried and tested non-pharmaceutical interventions

This is no time for pandemic fatigue

The daily cases in the second wave of infections are two to six times higher than in the first wave.

Prejudiced coverage of Africa by western media must stop

One would have expected at least equal, balanced coverage of both Trump and Magufuli.

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