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AWITI: Wealthy nations should pay for climate change damage

It is a moral obligation to humanity.

AWITI: Global economic crisis calls for collective action

Covid-19, Russia-Ukraine war and, God forbid, US-China confrontation over Taiwan could make this a lost decade for ...

AWITI: Environment crisis calls for decisive action

Because it is inextricably bound to economic development, industry leaders, politicians and consumers cannot imagine a ...

AWITI: Horn of Africa drought will have lasting consequences

Effects will be manifested in poor health outcomes, low education attainment and sub-optimal labour productivity.

AWITI: Africities short on practical solutions

The idea of a blueprint is not even an oblique response to call for practical and sustainable solutions.

AWITI: Famine stalks Horn of Africa again

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya face the driest conditions recorded in four decades.

AWITI: Feeble growth in agriculture bad for economy

Our ability to feed ourselves will determine pace of economic growth, the quality and depth of growth.

AWITI: Tribute to towering advocate of global health equity

Dr. Paul farmer dedicated his life and effort to delivering high-quality healthcare for the poorest.

AWITI: End of era as Last of founding fathers bows out

Kibaki will go down in history as one of Kenya's truly consequential presidents.

AWITI: Obama parks show is epic, insightful

Our prosperity must not be at the expense of our planet. Let’s give nature a chance

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