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We must not allow Covid-19 to overrun Africa

Deadly surge is energised by a half-hearted, imprecise and incompetent vaccine rollout plan.

Reproductive rights key to harnessing Africa’s demographic momentum

We must address the health service related factors that rob young women of their reproductive rights

Time to rethink the delivery of the SDGs

There is need for global introspection and perhaps a rethink of the financing architecture for global development.

Like the common cold, Covid-19 will become endemic

The coronavirus will not be eradicated

Equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines a moral imperative

The yawning gap in coronavirus vaccine access is bluntly, morally unconscionable.

Why is there a dearth of competent leaders?

Hubris – typically disguised as charm, self-confidence – is often confused for leadership potential

Quit blaming Covid-19 break for kids’ bad grades

The disparities are the result of inequity in investment in public education.

Solidarity needed to win Covid-19 fight

Covid-19 anywhere is a threat to public health and the economy everywhere.

Lessons from America’s winter of peril

Let us debate with honesty, passion and respect, the competing visions for our beloved country

Internal strife the biggest threat to nation-state

No country is immune from hurtling to the precipice of anarchy and authoritarianism

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