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AWITI: We must balance our books with environment

Thanks to wanton deforestation and poor land use planning, the quality and quantity of water is in decline

AWITI: Civic, citizenship education key to preserving democracy

The promise of democracy – opportunity, liberty, prosperity and the rule of law – is faltering.

AWITI: Democracy has failed to deliver prosperity for the majority

People don’t eat democracy. It has not produced wealth and wellbeing for the citizens.

AWITI: G7 should finance low-carbon development pathways

This is not some CSR ploy. It is an ethical and moral obligation of the G7. And time is of the essence.

AWITI: Climate change amplifies gender-based violence

Women have the highest exposure, are more vulnerable and, often have the least resources to cope or respond.

AWITI: Vaccines in Africa won’t stop Omicron

It can evade the protection of vaccines widely used in Africa and most of the developing world.

ALEX AWITI: Africa must ramp up war on Covid, HIV

There is evidence that individuals with weakened immune systems arising from uncontrolled HIV experience prolonged ...

AWITI: Omicron a reason for vaccine equity, not xenophobia

Wealthy nations hoarding vaccines is partly responsible for the fertile ground that now breeds Omicron and perhaps many ...

ALEX AWITI: COP26 short on tangible action

Some argue that the only good thing out of Glasgow is that the 1.5°C commitment is alive, not dead.

ALEX AWITI: Is COP26 just another fest of non-binding pledges?

Time is running out and we are tired of talks that yield empty rhetoric

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