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Toilets, textbooks equally important

Toilet:pupil ratio is 1:200 for girls and 1:230 for boys against WHO recommendation of 1:35 for boys  and 1:25 for ...

Time is right for deep reforms in university education

We must go back to the basics; university must be about teaching excellence.

Yes, there is growth but where are the jobs?

Urgent measures are needed ensure we can turn GDP growth to jobs

Urban mobility must be a public service

We need an integrated public transit system for Nairobi.

Can Trump reform the World Bank?

His nominee declared he’ll focus on poverty alleviation, shared prosperity

Bashir’s fall a triumph for the people of Sudan

Now is the hard part. Only an inclusive political dialogue can meet the aspirations of the long-suffering people of ...

Social sciences, humanities not worthless

A law degree, just like an engineering degree or medical degree, is a phenomenal credential.

It is time for millennials to lead

They must re-imagine society and re-think work beyond the 21st century

World Water Day: Reminder of imminent global crisis

An estimated two billion people do not have access to safe water

Can we act in time to save our kind?

The first real alarm on our collective damage to the environment was sounded in 1972.

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