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AWITI: Build resilience, not reactive drought relief support

Climate shocks need not touch on a humanitarian crisis. Famine is not an ordained outcome of drought.

AWITI: Covid-19 will become an endemic disease

It is no longer a path to herd immunity but a path to normality, living with the virus.

AWITI: Publish or perish harms scholarship, student outcomes

Emphasis on publishing diminishes the value or quality of resulting scholarship.

ALEX AWITI: Do we have the will to stop human-induced climate catastrophe?

Climate change is already affecting every region across the globe

AWITI: We must avoid pandemic of the unvaccinated

Global surge in Covid infection, deaths concentred in regions where vaccination rates are low.

AWITI: Export excess vaccines or import deadly variants

One unvaccinated person anywhere is a threat to vaccinated people everywhere.

AWITI: Investments in education must be informed by sound evidence

Gathering kids into seats in a building has not translated into learning.

AWITI: Planet imperiled by climate change demands urgent action

We can bend the warming curve and get planet back on an even keel...Time is of the essence.

ALEX AWITI: Higher education reform must be driven by dialogue

This is not time for rancour and grandstanding on legality or structure. It is time to reason together.

ALEX AWITI: Conserve nature or forget about wildebeest migration

Going by recent studies, we will not enjoy the spectacle of wildebeest migration much longer.

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