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Prejudiced coverage of Africa by western media must stop

One would have expected at least equal, balanced coverage of both Trump and Magufuli.

We can’t afford a second Covid wave

Lockdown, restrictions will have disastrous consequences on our enfeebled economy.

Die to self to be a successful leader

Effective leadership flows from effectively harnessing yourself; Leading oneself is not trivial

Higher education is key to realising SDGs

The Academy was not born to die on Mount Discipline. We are meant to solve complex problems.

Let's build a stronger, more effective UN

Our shared humanity is often stretched and strained but it is not broken, at least not yet.

March of renewable energy unstoppable

Most countries can attain energy security because renewable sources are ubiquitous.

Now is the time to revive ailing planet

Wanton destruction of planet earth undercuts its capacity to support the human enterprise.

Farming crucial but has been neglected

Africa yet to move past colonial model that promoted the large scale production of cash crops.

We must not rush into reopening schools

Reopening schools could spark a deadly wave of community infections.

Has Covid-19 hastened end of America era?

Empires are born to die.

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