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A degraded planet imperils human survival

Our social, physical, spiritual and economic wellbeing is tightly coupled with the health of our ecosystems.

The fallacy of meritocracy

Success is not an exact product of merit...There is no such a thing as an even playing field.

BMI tells you little about your health

For your height (5 ft 8, inches) a normal weight range would be 55-72.5kg. What really does it mean?

A tale of two worlds: Vaccine haves and have nots

Globally, vaccination disparities are staggering.

Folly of expert-driven, top-down development

It is neither deliberative nor participatory. There is no room for social and cultural innovation.

Blistering third Covid-19 wave calls for better preparedness

We must be fully prepared for the fourth wave.

India’s deadly Covid-19 wave is a teachable moment

Government and citizens grew complacent, lifted restrictions and returned to old habits.

Only science will deliver us from raging pandemic

All authorised Covid vaccines are safe. Their benefits outweigh the side effects, which are rare

Crises will stalk us beyond Covid-19

According the Global Trends report, the world will face more intense and cascading global challenges.

We must not allow Covid-19 to overrun Africa

Deadly surge is energised by a half-hearted, imprecise and incompetent vaccine rollout plan.

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