Vice Provost of Aga Khan University
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Resolve dearth of skills and jobs

We must also prepare the youth for the technology intensive jobs of the future.

Embrace Russia, but on our own terms

In the grand scheme of things, the summit was a long shot

We must deal with the moral, ethical crisis

We, the people have failed to carve from our diverse ethnic assemblage, an image of nationhood.

Nobel winner Abiy must do more for peace

Recognised for his decisive initiative to resolve border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.

Citizens of all nations must strive to keep republic

Ideals of a republic are under assault, threatened by authoritarian impulses.

Immediate climate action needed to avert global peril

The time for climate denial is passed.

Leadership is deeply embedded in our emotions

In leadership roles smarts in spades alone just won’t do.

Big Four more than a legacy agenda

Successful execution an inescapable precondition for launching economic, social transformation.

Digital transformation heralds new dawn for media

Demand for instant content anywhere, anytime opens new vistas for innovation.

Make classrooms innovation studios

Students still have to toil through dry, uninspiring and sometimes unrelatable readings.

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