Baha launches online TV after 'Machachari'

The show's end was a bittersweet experience to him

In Summary

• He has started a series called 'Budah In Shawt' for African storytelling

Tyler Mbaya
Tyler Mbaya
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Tyler Mbaya of the just-ended drama series 'Machachari', better known as Baha, says the show's end was a bittersweet experience.

Baha, 19, told Word Is on Monday, "Honestly, I felt bad. However, everything that has a start has an end as well."

Adding, "I have had memories. We've bonded with people on set and for me, it's like a bittersweet thing because it will allow people to go into the next step of life."


Asked what his best memories were, he said, "My first three years acting on TV, between 2010 and 2013. I went into places I wanted to go cause after that, I went through a rough time."

The teenager has started his own content platform after nine years of being on TV.

"I want to create a YouTube station. It shouldn't be one type of content. You can get comedy, reality shows, movies and almost everything the youths want to watch. Like a diverse platform," he said.

"At the moment, I don't have the financial power to get into TV, but I can create shows as a producer and put them online. I have started a series called 'Budah In Shawt' because Africans love telling stories. We have a unique way of telling them. Thus I want to educate and at the same time entertain."

He says he and his TV brother Govi created an unbreakable bond.

"Govi gets me as my blood bro does. We met at Makutano junction two years before we met at Machachaari," he said.

"I learnt to have family from people who are not of my blood, from different cultures and still get together. I learnt that you need to push even when life is not going the way you want it to go."

His lowest point was off the screen. "My worst experience was when I was robbed in a matatu. They took my phone and my jewellery. They were a couple of boys and they spotted me, asking whether I was Baha. They asked me to remove my rings or they'd cut off my fingers off," he said.


"I reported to the police but until now, nothing has ever been done."

Tyler is looking forward to having children by the time he is 22 years.