Abel Mutua dared by producer to rap

Despite causing a stir, he doesn't intend to pursue music career

In Summary

• He unleashed his hidden talent in the song 'Moyo Wangu'

Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua
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Abel Mutua made his debut in the music industry with the song 'Moyo Wangu', having been featured by Zeze Maestro. He says it all started like a dare.

"It started as a joke. I went to the studio to do other things but Dr Eddie dared me to rap, so I did it," he told Word Is yesterday.

Mutua, who is one of the leading scriptwriters, doubles up as an actor. He says he is not planning to venture into or take music seriously.


"You cannot do music 50-50, you have to dedicate your full time to it," he said.

"If you see anything that I'm involved in musically, it's just a joke. I don't think I have the talent to invest time like that."

Late this year, the actor will be launching a project with comedian Njugush.

"I have a project coming up with Njugush. Right now it's in the development stage. In December, we will have known the direction we want to go with," he said.