Rayvanny's girlfriend converts to Christianity

Fahima has sired a child for the WCB signee rapper

In Summary

• She was influenced by faith of singer and family

Rayvanny with girlfriend Fahima
Rayvanny with girlfriend Fahima
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Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahima says she has converted to Christianity from Islam. She opened up about her faith for the first time in an interview with Yo Fave.

“Honestly, I have changed my religion. I didn’t change because I want to forcefully get married. I changed because my boyfriend and kid are Christians, my grandmother was Christian and my mum was brought up in a Christian home,” she said.

Asked about tying the knot, she said, “The wedding is there, people should just wait. It will be as soon as possible.” Fahima has sired a child for the WCB signee rapper.

Apostasy in Islam is commonly defined as the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through a deed. Islamic scholars differ in their opinions on the definition and whether and how it should be punished.