Al Shabaab claims responsibility for deaths of Wajir police officers

The constable deserted duty as from January 12." /FILE
The constable deserted duty as from January 12." /FILE

Al Shabaab terrorists have claimed responsibility for the Wajir IED attack that left eight police officers dead.

The officers died when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device planted by attackers who took their

six AK47 assault rifles and two G3 battle rifles, as well as 510 bullets.


In a video that emerged on Monday night, the militia claimed they killed more than 10 security officers and injured 23.

The video was of multiple

attacks in Kenya "to honour slain fighters who include an unidentified Briton killed while fighting alongside them".

It is of attacks in Lamu, Mandera and Wajir in the last six months.

The video also features the ambush that led to the death of PS Maryam El Maawy and the lifestyle of the militants in Boni Forest.

Al Shabaab is fighting to topple Somalia's government, establish its own rule based on their strict interpretation of Islamic law and drive out of the country peacekeepers deployed by the African Union.

The militants frequently launch attacks in Kenya

to pressure it to withdraw its troops which form part of the peacekeeping force.


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