Fumigation to start in CBD as ministry donates 700 liters of chemicals

Fumigation process to start at City Hall and moving in the CBD will be mounted on county vehicles

In Summary

•MOH gives City Hall 700 litres of chemicals for fumigation

Nairobi executive for health Hitan Majevida addresses the media at City Hall on March 17, 2020
UPDATE: Nairobi executive for health Hitan Majevida addresses the media at City Hall on March 17, 2020

The Nairobi government has received 700 litres of chemicals to kick off  fumigation of the CBD from Thursday.

The exercise will be done as a preventative measure against the spread of coronavirus.

It was meant to start on Wednesday but the county had not received the necessary equipment from the National Government.


Nairobi County Health Deputy Director Wilson Langat on Wednesday said that the Ministry of Health, in addition to the chemicals, gave out eight pumps that will be used in the process in addition to the 18 that the county already have used.

"Now that we have the equipment, we shall start the exercise in the morning at City Hall as we move into other areas in the CBD. The health workers taking part in the process have also been trained," he said.

The fumigators will be mounted on county vehicles that will move around the CBD and street families will also go through the sanitisation process.

In addition, Langat said that the exercise will also target buildings and joints with high capacity of people and surrounding environments.

“We want to cover the CBD first but our aim is to fumigate the entire county by scaling it across the sub-counties.Street children are also part of us, and we shall come in as a county and sanitise those we find on the streets. This way they won't be left out," he said

The first fumigation in the country was done on Saturday in Rongai by public health officials after it was reported that a woman who tested positive for coronavirus resided in the area.

The 27-year-old woman landed in the country on March 5 from the United States of America via London.


Countries which are using fumigation against Covid-19 include India, China, United Kingdom, Australia and Iran.

So far, seven cases have turned positive in Kenya as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally.