Machakos to shut down operations due to lack of resources

Revenue collection, health and emergency services to remain operational.

In Summary

• The county staff have been directed to proceed on a two-week leave until further notice. 

• Mutua said the slowdown of the economy due to Covid-19 has highly affected the revenue collection.

The Machakos County Government will shut down some of its operations for two weeks following the resolution taken by the Council of Governors due to lack of resources.

A letter seen by the Star from County Secretary Grace Munguti issued to the Machakos executive staff dated September 16, directed them to proceed on leave effective September 17 for two weeks until further notice.


"Effective September 17, 2020, all non-essential services are hereby suspended and county employees are advised to proceed on leave for two weeks or until further advised", the letter read.

However, services like revenue collection, health and emergency services, solid waste management, county inspectorate, Street Lighting, County Treasury among others will remain fully operational due to their nature of mandate.

The letter also directed all county Executive Committee Members to conduct site visits and engage with the members of the public in relation to county government projects during the said period.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua said the county government will not be in a position to pay salaries of staff, including health workers due to lack of money from the exchequer.

He said the slowdown of the economy due to Covid-19 has meant that revenue from the county sources has been heavily affected.

"It is quite a tragedy that in today’s Kenya, political interests and legalistic justifications are denying the people of Kenya their rights under devolution," said Mutua.

Through a press statement, the Mandeleo Chap Chap leader added that "The reality is that there is money in the bank. The law is clear that even when a deadlock of the Senate occurs, as is the current case, counties should be able to draw 50 per cent of their budget for use. However, there appears to be no political will to fund county operations".


Mutua noted that the current situation is affecting the county governments and could trigger more cases of unemployment, poverty and closure of businesses.

"It is time in Kenya, every person demanded for their rights and real change, especially in 2022," he said.