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MUGA: For and against GMO

'New facts' are rarely judged in isolation. Such facts are viewed through a preexisting frame of reference.

MUGA: Why agriculture, education policy matters

College graduates often end up back on the same small farms where their parents had worked all their lives.

MUGA: Infrastructure projects take long to bear fruit

Nairobi Expressway in the fullness of time will be a total game-changer when it comes to hosting major conferences.

MUGA: Dreams of a welfare state

We want Kenya to be a Sweden, or a Denmark – and a shining example of political stability and material progress to all ...

MUGA: Key barrier to East African integration

We Kenyans are not as popular with ordinary Tanzanians as we might imagine.

Muga Podcast: Can Ruto, Museveni achieve EAC integration?

The long term goal is of a singular currency and also greater political integration.

MUGA: Paradox in Kenya's 'digital innovation space'

M-Pesa is by far the most successful app ever to come out of Kenya. But I could not tell you which app comes second. Or ...

MUGA: Ruto should start breaking promises

Crowds may cheer themselves hoarse when lofty promises are made at public rallies, but they don't really believe these ...

MUGA: Why governors regain their seats

What made the voters change their minds about “mheshimiwa”?

MUGA: Uhuru awaits the judgement of history

He has often taken a completely different path from that for which his political backyard showed a marked preference.

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