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MUGA: Challenges in forming coalitions

A great deal of clarity on such matters could have been achieved if only BBI had been successful.

MUGA: Covid-19 and human nature

People keep coming up with obstructionist ideas in opposition to the medical consensus.

MUGA: Lasting legacies are institutional

Kibaki’s genius then was that he was able to make institutions work as intended.

MUGA: Universal health coverage well within reach

Harnessing of ICT lies at the very centre of any affordable universal health coverage programme.

MUGA: Voters get what they deserve

A large percentage of voters are so poor that they willingly trade their votes for a few hundred shillings.

MUGA: 'Can we afford it?'

With enough political will, what seems to be utterly beyond reach can turn out to be very manageable.

MUGA: Rival views on tackling Kenyan poverty

Neither Raila nor Ruto seems to be promising to do the one thing that Kenyans are most in need of: Gainful employment.

MUGA: In rural Kenya, fertilisers are a matter of life and death

The key to profitable and sustainable farming is affordable fertiliser.

MUGA: When one big tribe becomes two small tribes

The Kikuyu’s massive voting power only retains its potency if all those votes are in one basket.

MUGA: No such thing as fair nominations

If you have read books written about Thatcher, you will know that no such thing ever troubles the party leaders in the ...

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