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More to tourism than competition

Would you say that Kenya has “won” the competition for tourists and Tanzania has lost?

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Serengeti vs Mara

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us to “follow the science”.

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Will Rwanda 'overtake' Kenya?

Where Rwanda is landlocked, Kenya has the busiest port in the region.

Will Rwanda 'overtake' Kenya?

In one sector at least...That is in the provision of elite academic services.

Economic opportunity and infrastructure

Even when no direct revenues can be generated, infrastructure can still play a major role in promoting economic ...

Do not humiliate Ruto too much

Do any of us really know where he will be in a year’s time? Or two years? Or five years?

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Do not humiliate Ruto too much

For all intents and purposes, he is a beaten man, whose plans have failed miserably.

Martha Karua and the need for compromise

As Water minister she took on entrenched cartels and won, to the immense benefit of the public.

Muga's Podcast: Karua and the need for compromise

It was during the Moi era that what we now generically term as “cartels” came into their own.

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Should we expect a violent 2022 election?

We must all the same keep our eyes firmly on the lookout for storm clouds on the horizon.

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