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Independence and the need for human capital

Political liberty would prove hollow if not accompanied by economic progress.

Roots of Africa's 'land problem'

A fatally flawed assessment of the realities of modern economics.

Devolution too has its drawbacks

Grand corruption, the very thing which Kenyans dread most, escalated rather than reduced.

Kenyan MPs a product of our society

Scandinavian political leaders aren't as obsessed with accumulation of personal wealth.

Expect the unexpected in 2022

The next presidential race will be every bit as complex as previous ones.

Curse of the front runner in Kenyan politics

Rivals generally tend to gang up with a view to cutting he/she down.

Shift from 'national cake' to national debt

The standard gauge railway finally gave the game away.

In Kenya the environmentalists always win

She lit the flame of environmental activism that burns to this day.

Man plans, and the gods laugh

Global changes always catch the political elite of the day completely off guard.

Voters expect too much from MPs

More or less demand all the benefits of a welfare state, directly from the MP’s pocket.

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