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Why Uhuru's legacy is already secure

It is his virtues that will be remembered in the long run.

‘Regional bank’ an absurdity

Absence of well-thought-out, empirically tested ideas for bringing about economic progress as bad as corruption.

Unanswered questions about the SGR

The bigger pattern shows the advent of unsecured loans.

A bold step Ruto should try

He can get his political acolyte, MP Jumwa, to resign and contest the seat anew on a pro-Ruto party ticket

Who wants to be a billionaire?

There would be devolved corruption – potentially creating a new billionaire class of regional politicians.

Agriculture policy failures more damaging than graft

The coffee sub-sector illustrates the extent to which our livelihoods are often governed by external factors.

Why flagging off cows is actually a good idea

Though the sale of a single cow’s milk may not be enough to sustain a family, the intention is that the family will in ...

Political culture just as important as the law

Nordic political culture irrevocably opposed to elected leaders living like royalty when on official duty

NEP uniquely vulnerable to climate change

Region should expect to be subjected to more prolonged droughts and epic floods

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