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Infrastructure and economic growth

Kenyans have come to understand just how illusory 'economic development' can be.

No easy solutions for land injustices

Problem has its roots in the colonial era.

West youth also struggling to get jobs — Belgium envoy

The world is changing fast and the system needs to keep up, says Amb Nihon

When Belgian royalty inspected education, children projects

Queen Mathilde was received at State House by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

Why the tragic collapse of rural economies

There are many instruments readily at hand for guaranteeing this failure.

Importance of political signalling

Signalling is often far more important than data-driven analyses.

Political ‘facts’ are transient

There are no 'facts' in politics. Just fluid perceptions and myths.

Rising tea supply means low bonus

Collapse of tea prices was not a question of ‘if’, but rather of ‘when’.

Flattering metrics and delusions of progress

These numbers and categories really mean very little.

Kibra poll no indicator of 2022

Presidential elections are rigged, one way or another.

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