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MUGA: Why environmental policy is so difficult

Consequences of Aberdares road will not be just on tourism, but also on the water supply to Nairobi.

MUGA: Populism derails institution building

So long as many of our people remain poor, the trend, now so firmly established, will continue.

MUGA: County investor forums of doubtful value

They primarily prestige events intended to demonstrate that the governors are working hard to create jobs.

MUGA: Kenyan tourism yet to recover

Indeed, the government has shown no sign of taking proactive steps to help bring about a full revival of tourism.

A tale of two economic sectors

Tourism in Kwale has been far more profitable to investors, government and citizens, than Base Titanium's mining ...

MUGA: Environmental challenges are with us always

By far the most controversial road project in this region is the proposed road through the Serengeti National Park in ...

MUGA: Aberdares road an environmental catastrophe

From the moment it is completed, we'll be marking time awaiting the day when Nairobi runs out of water.

MUGA: Why all this talk of 2032?

In the 1990s, we neither knew for sure who would run for president until the final six months before the polls

MUGA: In job creation, Kenya opts for Philippines model

It does offer an immediate solution to the problem of youth unemployment

MUGA: American presidential politics and Kenya

Africa has nothing to fear from a second Trump presidency.

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