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MUGA: Why governors regain their seats

What made the voters change their minds about “mheshimiwa”?

MUGA: Uhuru awaits the judgement of history

He has often taken a completely different path from that for which his political backyard showed a marked preference.

MUGA: Nothing new under the sun

There is a tendency to sensationalise mundane events by claiming that they are “historic” rather than just the latest ...

MUGA: Accusations of betrayal

Political player who lose an election are obsessed with understanding at what point exactly they lost their chance of ...

MUGA: What does it all mean?

Our democracy is working.

MUGA: Financial headaches await next president

Any country that has to resort to extensive borrowing won't be able to make its own policy decisions on the economy.

MUGA: New President will operate in a changed environment

The days of neutrality are now over. And that like Sweden and Finland, Kenya will have to take sides.

MUGA: What next president must do

He should address job creation and a return to the Westminster parliamentary system.

MUGA: 'These people don't want development'

Kenyan voting patterns are guided almost exclusively by “identity politics” however much we may pretend to care about ...

MUGA: History is always cruel

I’m sure plenty will be found to suggest that Uhuru’s time in high office was a great disappointment.

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