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When Moi met Machiavelli

He learnt it is much safer to be feared than loved.

Displacing presidential front runner comes at a price

It has often had the unintended consequence of provoking instability.

Let’s pay more attention to BBI

Proposed constitutional changes deserve thorough vetting by all who worry about nation's future.

Governors face unprecedented challenge

Moving forward, the battlefield in the war on Covid-19 shifts to the countryside

Do established historical patterns still apply?

A friend posited every 30 years the country goes through a major 'reset'.

Helping humans live in harmony with habitat and wildlife

Colin Church is famous for protecting the Aberdare Mountain range

No easy way to reopen economy

This virus has many surprises, some of which are only now being revealed.

Will professors become Uber drivers?

Kenyan middle class is no longer growing but rapidly shrinking.

Ruto should mend fences

He only need consider steps taken at strategic moments by Raila.

A strong case for education reform

Annual expenditure on armed forces less than half of that spent on education.

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