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MUGA: Ruto's first challenge arrives early

Every incoming Kenyan president will within the first few years of his time in office, face an existential challenge to ...

MUGA: Ruto and Raila: Who's on the right side of history?

Here we are at yet another political crossroads, at which it is not easy to tell who is on the right side of history.

MUGA: Regional economic interests always prevail

Insofar as certain viable economic activities continue to be associated with certain tribes, the voting patterns cannot ...

MUGA: Political culture really matters

In our political culture, if you lose emblems of high office, people do not respect you. They laugh at you.

MUGA: Political promises to keep

Kenyans will eventually forget the extravagant promises made by the current political establishment during the ...

MUGA: Changes in perspectives on economic growth

Up to the 1980s, any new investment from outside Kenya, or within it, was viewed with great suspicion among learned ...

MUGA: So far, no visible path to prosperity

Nobody seems to know how such prosperity can be achieved in any direct and formulaic manner.

MUGA: Shifting trends in centres of grassroots political influence

Where once it was the ‘elders’ that aspiring politicians sought the blessings of, nowadays it is ‘the youth’.

MUGA: Misery of electoral defeat

Everyone who knows you will have a theory on why you lost. And will be willing to share this theory with you in ...

Debt, politics and official corruption

The average Kenyan voter demands to be bribed and does not care where the money for this bribe comes from.

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