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Policy will determine coming weeks

Consider for example, the application of “social distancing” in the informal settlements.

Major scams occur in times of crises

It's at such times that cartels make their biggest profits, supplying overpriced equipment.

Shrinking options for ordinary Kenyans

Dream of rural prosperity has proved to be singularly elusive since Independence.

Kenyans no strangers to citywide lockdowns

There is no justification for victimising innocent Chinese who happen to live among us

Maasai's demand for reserved seats valid

What we have here is a long-oppressed minority community crying out for justice.

Bashir: Change takes long but it does happen

Sudanese government considering handing him to the ICC.

Don't blame Moi for wrecking economy

Especially in imposing on us the infamous Structural Adjustment Programmes.

Why most MPs serve only one term

One is a feeling of being let down. Of promises not kept.

Kenyans’ collectivist mindset

'We refuse to let you run so far ahead, since you are leaving us behind.'

Perils of economic tribalism

Government well-placed to reward or punish any tribal community.

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