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Like roads, legacy not built in a day

Even if the 2022 election is the most peaceful in Kenya’s history; it'll still be too soon to judge.

Nothing matters more than agriculture policy

Seeking food security is one thing; and seeking to bring about rural prosperity is another.

Folly of obsession with 'innovation'

Imitation the name of the game.

Ruto’s hustlers vs dynasty a bold experiment

He is offering the great majority of Kenyans (who are poor) a new form of identity politics.

Real problem in the tea industry

Oversupply on the global market.

Return of self-sufficiency doctrine of economics

Need to have some critical supplies produced within a national priority.

Struggle for 'two and a half tribes'

Even with two of the biggest tribes voting together they do not come to the 50% mark.

Coronavirus not through with us yet

It is still too early to conduct prayers of thanksgiving.

Ruto should have studied history

He'd have known that once Uhuru was reelected, he was on his way to the opposition.

Coronavirus pandemic offers lessons in Kenya politics

To understand much that goes on in this country, you must be at home with contradiction.

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