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BIO: Tom Jalio is a narrative journalist with 10 years’ experience in making readers connect with stories. His work is compiled on Muck Rack, including the widely acclaimed investigative piece ‘Anatomy of a serial plagiarist’ (

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What makes China so beautiful

Modern marvels blend with ancient heritage to charm tourists

Love and sacrifice in epic Chinese theatre

‘The Palace of Eternal Life’ is an ode to love and Tang Dynasty regalia

How China is reshaping the world in its vision

It is helping other countries to develop despite debt criticism

Covid hit Kemsa hard but image improving - Nyakera

It lost Sh3.5 billion amid procurement scandals, chair Nyakeri said.

Bittersweet freedom after fighting for Independence

Maina Macharia, who was detained for five years, says Kenyatta ‘betrayed us’

The day radio saved a Mau Mau veteran

Maina Macharia had been sentenced to death by a kangaroo court

How racial bias pushed a trade unionist to Mau Mau

Maina Macharia grew up at a time when Africans were likened to dogs and monkeys

Locked How women took over Nakuru

It all started with a handful of women MPs joining forces in 2013

How Ruto-Raila countdown is stressing Kenyans

Fear of rigging and violence persist despite transparency, strong Judiciary

Why media fails unified tally of presidential results

The aim was to have a single media portal, but the effort collapsed

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