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BIO: Tom Jalio is a narrative journalist with 10 years’ experience in making readers connect with stories. His work is compiled on Muck Rack, including the widely acclaimed investigative piece ‘Anatomy of a serial plagiarist’ (

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Inside the shoes of ‘tarmacking’ Kenyans

With some at it for years, struggles with rent and food are nothing new

What job applicants are missing

Amid short tenures, character moulding and efficient recruiting will be key

Living in the shadow of death in the UK

Lockdown has hit Kenyans like a ‘bad dream’, but they won’t give in to anxiety

At ease with the new world order

Covid-19 pandemic has come with unexpected positives for loners

How Kenyans milked education from Nyayo

The lunchtime treat was a tactical way of keeping children in school

Stories that moved us the most in 2019

Greed, cruelty and determination defined the year’s best features

Sheng is our first tribe, say Mbusi na Lion

The presenters say Sheng songs should not be banned from radio.

Great destinies and bad endings

Most tales and stories of destinies that led to greatness didn’t end so well.

Cadbury celebrates kindness of Kenyans

Chocolate manufacturing firm Cadbury recently launched a new campaign, whose aim is to highlight and celebrate the ...

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