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BIO: Tom Jalio is a narrative journalist with 10 years’ experience in making readers connect with stories. His work is compiled on Muck Rack, including the widely acclaimed investigative piece ‘Anatomy of a serial plagiarist’ (

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Chasing Africans’ anger on runaway debt

‘Debt is a knee on the neck of Africans. We can’t breathe’

Why three months is not enough for maternity leave

Maternity leave ends while a mother is still healing and baby needs her

How to resolve maternity leave row

Employers urged to be more flexible and understanding

Kenyan protester in US among must-read stories

Trump’s America engrossed readers alongside local dramas

A way with words gets trio out of trouble

Players explain how they would handle different scenarios

The perfect family game to play this Christmas

It helps you socialise in a creative way and is easy to play

Scrabble chairman: You don’t have to be good at English

Even dropouts play the game, says Benard Amuke

The secret to a woman’s swag

The glamorous accessory turns heads in outings, weddings and daily life

Gift men should buy for their women

Flowers and chocolates are fine and dandy but don’t last or glam her up

Sex up your looks the Nnunji way

Benadatte Kaggwa has wowed friend and stranger with her designs

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