Correspondent, Kakamega Western Kenya

BIO: Writes for the Star from Western region

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Beware! It's season of the snake

Check under, on bed and between sheets as snakes are notorious for hiding there.

Governor Barasa pledges to expand all Kakamega level 4 hospitals

Majority of the level 4 hospitals in Kakamega County have not met majority of the requirements.

Put up bullfighting stadiums to avert deaths, enthusiasts urge Kakamega

Bramwel Andugu was gored to his early death as he watched a bullfight match in Malinya

Kakamega assembly comes to KACWASCO’s aid after public outcry

The new tariffs had been fiercely rejected by the public.

Kakamega assembly grills CECs over state of health sector

Those questioned are in departments of Health Services, Roads and Finance and Economic Planning.

Kakamega polytechnics urged to embrace performance contracting

The county has a total of 63 polytechnics located across various major towns and centres.

Governor Barasa urges Treasury to release county funds

Barasa regrets that devolved units have not received funds since November 2022.

Kakamega first lady launches campaign to support pregnant, teen mothers

60 teen mothers were identified from all the sixty wards to become the Champions

Remain politically non-partisan, preach peace - Governor Barasa tells clergy

He reiterated that his administration will operationalize the County Chaplaincy

More work needed to tackle infant deaths

Kenya's infant mortality rate is still high despite gains made

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