Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Hustler, dynasty divide is a lie

The historical constant in the presidency is tribe.

Corruption rides on mass ‘stupidity’

We protect our own, no matter the magnitude of their crime. We prefer our thief to their angel.

Prof Charles Okidi: Cheers to a scholar per excellence

One needs to read Prof Okidi's memoirs to understand the making of a man of superlative fortitude

Succession void in Mt Kenya

September opens with Kenneth standing among the initially visible Mt Kenya four.

Downward spiral of DP Ruto

Rants against the system or deep state a realisation his presidential ambition is in peril.

2022: Murathe’s ‘Mandela Moment’

Nelson Mandela, like Raila, is a metaphor for reconciliation.

Senators driven by greed, not Ubuntu

They want more money in areas they want to run for governor.

Jammeh heist: Thief’s end is nigh

You can run, but you can’t hide forever from justice

Big fish are now ‘big baboons’

They are without a conscience or care about how their behaviour affects others.

DP position fails 2010 Constitution test

The President, who wants to focus on his legacy, can't work with an ambitious deputy

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