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KENDO: V8 men shouldn't haggle over chicken

We should stop bargaining with poor women over the price of chicken. Buying at her price means a livelihood for the ...

KENDO: Ready for 'Kuku Kienyeji Revolution'?

Low-cost investment in free-range indigenous poultry is a silver bullet for poverty reduction and nutritional upgrade ...

KENDO: Teasing rain leaves villages crying thirst

The wait has been long, dry, dreary, and dusty. Times were when the rainy season was predictable.

KENDO: Where is climate change philanthropy?

The wealthy don't know or don't care. Ignorance and greed create satanic callousness. Everyone for themselves and God ...

KENDO: Did God answer prayer for rain?

God hasn't abandoned us. Neither is God the capricious Divine who denies earthlings their rights.

KENDO: CBC triggers race for smartness

Parents with children in junior secondary school and primary school are reporting a costly sibling race for smartness.

KENDO: CBC starts out on wrong-footing

The haphazard choice of a few schools to host senior competency-based curriculum classes, and others to 'feed' them, ...

KENDO: CBC hurting Magoha's legacy

It was known secondary schools would host junior secondary classes; they were funded to build classrooms for this ...

KENDO: Add green side to road projects

Landowners and institutions along highways and roads, should take ownership of trees

KENDO: Peasant finds 'cure' for gully erosion

Dry gully basement farming not a new idea for Phoebe Ouma. Hers is an outstanding case of underground farming.

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