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Crybaby of the Jubilee error

DP's not the system’s favourite, making it difficult to find a running mate of clout.

UhuRuto love enters new low

The battle of the secretaries takes 'UhuRuto' love to a new low.

A bit of wit to brighten bleak times

Gratitude is lost when police treat people without face masks as criminals.

Forget Covid and natural disasters, only power matters

What worries is the irony of the regime’s divided attention during a national crisis.

Covid calls for leaders like Lincoln

Yet it is that kind of leadership that is massively wanting.

Crisis defines worthy leaders

Kagwe’s daily briefs and directives give hope to the citizenry of life beyond coronavirus.

Coronavirus exposes global inequalities

It has forced governments, cities, communities, powerful or vulnerable, to their knees.

Hard choices lie ahead for Kenya

The virus does not spread on its own. People spread it.

Are these signs of End-times?

Last Saturday was dedicated to special prayers for God to take away the pestilence.

Graft virus is CS Kagwe's quagmire

Kagwe is getting into a ministry, which insiders describe as a den of cartels.

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