Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Were Kisii MPs computer-generated?

ODM has has no MP in the two counties of Kisii and Nyamira.

‘Deep State’ playing with fire

It may be, yet again, down to two families deciding Kenya's fate.

The elders have spoken

Victims of corruption need a new consciousness – outside the law

2022 maybe turning point in betrayals

This is unless the Building Bridges Initiative spirit holds

Voters stronger than this cabal

It's treating a country of about 47 million people as a candy bar where admission is limited to the favoured.

It’s a tie: Kalonzo 50 - Mudavadi 50

The two have chequered careers.

Gideon, Gideon unzip the wallet

Power won't come easy, at least not in 2022, for the son of a former president

Cheering suspects to the ballot

Political generosity exploits impoverished masses to win their votes.

Uhuru men divisions bad for succession

A succession plan can fail when the plot is imbued with irrational self-interest.

Ode to a great man – Nyachae

For Nyachae discipline, integrity, charm, and humour came easily

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