Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Handshake on trial in Kibra

Youthful football star presented to spite Raila and the Executive Handshake.

Scouting for another Ouko?

He showed Kenya is a country of preventable systemic leakages.

Census needs upgrade

The sum total of this is that every cow was expected to stand by its tether to be counted.

Handshake isn't a revolving fund

Handshake marketed as the vaccine for future post-election misadventures.

Kiambu impunity on steroids

Governor Waititu is still holding out as the duly elected representative of the people.

Build cells for graft families

Law should not divide what impunity has brought together.

Inua Jamii breaking up families

What you give old people doesn't count, but how they are treated for dignity.

Beware the blinding power bug

When bitten, opportunistic victims forget history.

TI confirms the obvious

About 130 million people in 35 African countries pay bribes to access public services.

Our peak season of prolonged stupidity

The masses have refused to learn the idiocy and hypocrisy of the power clique.

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