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KENDO: ‘Sharing losses’ subverts adaptation to climate change

The appropriate response, that requires planning, and heavy and quality infrastructural investment, is conveniently ...

KENDO: Kenya cries for futuristic leaders

Communities are suffering devastation from years of official neglect.

KENDO: Perennial flooding exposes dearth of planning

The official advice is always to ask people in flood-prone areas to move to higher grounds.

KENDO: Tunnel survival plot for marooned MPs

On a typical day, an MP’s mobile telephone handset records about 120 missed calls and 73 ‘Please Call Me Thank You’ ...

KENDO: Students preferred pieces of ‘mitura’ over bursary!

Democracy is a legitimised sham in polities where vested interests reign.

KENDO: How do politicians intend to inherit enigma?

The man’s history is not transferable. No one can redo what he did to be him.

KENDO: Fertiliser scam hits farmers where it hurts most

A threat to isolated farmers somewhere is a threat to national food security and quality everywhere.

KENDO: Len Morris represents compassion without borders

His latest documentary marks the latest edition of 30 years of love with Kenya, and Kenyan children living in difficult ...

KENDO: Kenya grows when every county grows

In Homa Bay, revenue collection has improved courtesy of cashless model adopted months after the August 2022 general ...

KENDO: United Africa a threat to imperial West

Western conspiracy against pan-Africanists, including Raila, is legendary.

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