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OKECH KENDO: Uhuru rattles ethnic turf

Forces of regression are fuelling the rage against a rebranding Uhuru.

OKECH KENDO: Public wrath awaits three CSs

Lake Basin region rife with water crises, fake projects, ghost roads and environmental disasters.

OKECH KENDO: Water ministry taints Brand Uhuru

The leadership of the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation falls below the threshold.

OKECH KENDO: DP's 'helper' image deceptive

Politics has never been, and will never be, a playground for philanthropists.

OKECH KENDO: Suspects are certified thieves

Suspicions are not entirely baseless.

Bug of ambition kills reason

The bug of ambition injects delusion in its victims when it bites.

OKECH KENDO: Decoding the presidential duo

The DP is yet to accept the Jubilee succession plot. Angry response to Uhuru's hint he would support a Nasa principal, ...

OKECH KENDO: DP Ruto red cards President

The Executive duel of the Jubilee regime echoes Kilkenny cats of Irish folklore

When watchdogs don't bark

Homa Bay MCAs have spectacularly failed in their oversight function.

Shiny side of handshake

It should be an opportunity for a new beginning, not only for the lakeside, but for Kenya.

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