Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

OKECH KENDO: Kalonzo’s future rides on rich past

Strategy does not seem to be the lawyer-politician’s forte.

OKECH KENDO: Reality check for wannabe presidents

Most will fizzle out, with an additional line on their CV – former presidential candidate.

OKECH KENDO: Will MPs yet again stand with graft suspects?

Kenya stinks because the masses are in love with political skunks.

OKECH KENDO: Why the mountain is rambling

There's no one to take over from Uhuru.

OKECH KENDO: Succession contest of clashing visions

The ethnic tango of presidential relay between two communities, which has run for 60 years, is divisive

OKECH KENDO: Will Kanu cock crow again?

Party diehards had hoped it would when the bird, with a rich history, got a younger custodian.

OKECH KENDO: Raila ‘unsellable’ empty prejudice

There is ethnic prejudice to this cynicism, after years of demonising the ODM leader.

OKECH: Shut electoral door on suspects

How a leader has consistently behaved in public or private office is a likely predictor of how they would behave in ...

OKECH KENDO: Light of Yale Varsity star goes off

Tony, a 2019 graduate of Yale University, was buried last Friday, without clarity on the circumstances of his death.

OKECH: Pain of the dejected favourite

The history of the meddlesome Deep State and the System is older than the power furore of the Jubilee regime.

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