Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Uhuru running out of time

Slay corruption and everything else will fall into place

Sulking Gema vs excited Rift

Solidarity of other Kenyans sidelined for 56 years can cause national change.

Drunkards defend right to party

Clan development meeting ends up with protest.

Desperation on Christmas Eve

Desperate woman faked death to buy time to repay Sh2,700 chama loan.

Spare God the blame for this

He did not impose any leader on the electorate.

Get serious, we voting citizens

People get the government they deserve.

No crocodile tears, build dams

Resources the economy loses through corruption can transform livelihoods.

The Deep State has spoken

It always has its way.

Why Mt Kenya is panicking over succession

There is panic in the Kikuyu Nation.

Correct power bill is our right

Kenya Power yet to resolve billing crisis ,frequent blackouts and harassment of consumers.

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