Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Check dark side of generosity

Political generosity exploits impoverished masses.

Voters mourn, as leaders moan

'Steakholders' continue to intimidate, harass, and compromise those who question their excesses.

Thieves don't deserve decorum

EACC, DCI raiding suspected thieves without minding status, this is equity.

Who are Waiguru's suitors?

Kirinyaga governor is serving the public double course suspense.

DP Ruto's hustler paradox

People know you by what you call yourself, kind of image watchers have.

Three musketeers need our help

Anti-sleaze brotherhood of Kinoti, Twalib and Haji need consistent public rage and political goodwill.

Graft will be Big 4’s undoing

Saboteurs of the Big Four have the opportunity, motive, and means to undermine the agenda.

'Their' Raila is alien to history

Embossed with patriotism, compromise when dialogue serves national interest

Kenya needs more Magohas

HIS commitment shows re-civilisation of the public service is possible

Red Cross wins more cynics

The stalled Chesirimion Dam confirms this cynicism

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