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KENDO: No free lunch for Kenya Kwanza allies

Lacklustre performance from Mudavadi, Wetang'ula, Kingi and Mutua throws them into oblivion, unless Ruto lowers the ...

KENDO: Ruto: Credits are ours; failures are yours

It's election time. Supposed truths of yesterday are being revised to attract sympathy. It's doublespeak!

KENDO: Climate change affecting groundwater

Two engineering technology students from Belgium sought to help a village with water. Hopes have been shattered.

KENDO: Party primaries fatten candidate apathy

Political bases that were obsessed with party and following political godheads are beginning to doubt the value of ...

OKECH: Ruto stifling Mudavadi's influence

Musalia Mudavadi is a victim of Ruto's plot to edge out potential competition.

OKECH: Politics needs a dose of fairness

Fairness takes a backseat. Winning is the driving motor of electoral politics.

KENDO: Opportunists gather to plunder

Citizens have two choices: Elect those who have mismanaged public funds or weaponize the vote to claim the promises of ...

OKECH: In Homa Bay it’s expose me, I expose you

The gubernatorial race has attracted fresh eaters, many of them ne’er-do-wells. They are exposing each other without ...

OKECH: Ichaweri betrayal cry is scary

The Gatundu ritual ushered in the age of betrayals; it was the peak of assassinations.

OKECH: Don't waste votes on suspects

On the eve of another election, voters need to weaponise the ballot.

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