Communications Consultant and University Lecturer

Cheers to three men of God

They are architects of initiatives that are changing lives in their communities.

Weaverbirds renew peasants' hope

The birds are feeding on stalk borers that have destroyed crops for four years.

DPP 'sells' shortcut to justice

Haji launched plea bargain and diversion to decongest the court system.

'They' butchered Aukot's dog

A classic case of giving a dog a bad name, and then killing it.

Tuju takes blows for Jubilee owner

The gentleman of the Jubilee regime is often the target of misdirected ire.

Give us more time to retire Sh1,000

Did wandering pastoralists – the third public – get the message?

Age of reason dawning in Homa Bay

When a leader fails, his mistakes should not be blamed on his clan.

The vultures land in Kibra

The air is pregnant with expectations. Kibera has been rediscovered.

Handshake on trial in Kibra

Youthful football star presented to spite Raila and the Executive Handshake.

Scouting for another Ouko?

He showed Kenya is a country of preventable systemic leakages.

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