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Uhuru needs caution in succession

A spurned Ruto could team up with Raila in an alliance that could outmatch the Narc wave

Trump wins prison meal card

He behaved badly in office, and worse during transition

Uhuru finally lets the dog out

The hustler propaganda seeks to exclude targeted individuals from the centre

DP Ruto, support uncontested Nairobi by-election

DP should support the choice of the President, whom he says he constitutionally assists.

Tale of 2 populists: Democracy is a gamble

Reigns of Trump and Sonko have exposed the frailty of democracy.

Make vaccines a global common good

There is no equal opportunity in acquiring vaccines needed to inoculate populations.

If BBI can tame corruption, so be it

Money lost in one scandal is five times more than enough to fund a ‘consensual referendum’.

Central deserves more constituencies

ODM counties count is lower because numbers fall short of Kiambu’s 2.5m

Are critics out to derail BBI?

Rather than seeking to improve the draft, some demands could torpedo the initiative.

Ranting Trump trashes tradition

The king of hubris has up to January 20 to surrender, which is why he is still playing by his own rules.

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