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KENDO: Compassionate hearts see hope in despair

WeSeeHope illustrates the potential of philanthropy to change the world. Its success is a challenge to Kenya’s and ...

KENDO: Stop digging, the hole’s deep enough

Revisionist economics is spawning a disenchanted electorate.

Producers are exploding more ‘carbon bombs’

Some governments plan to produce about 110% more fossil fuels by 2030.

KENDO: ‘Deferred’ El Niño gives room for planning

Sh15 billion allocated to counties for El Niño offers seed money for modest local climate action among the most ...

KENDO: Stop bombings, negotiate frustrations

Israel’s self-righteousness needs moderation, but who to do it remains the challenge to world peace.

KENDO: Self-defence not a licence for genocide

The lives of partying Israeli youth are as precious as those of Palestinians.  They all have a right to be.

KENDO: When will Israel live and let Palestine live?

The terrorists have stolen Gaza’s future. They have rattled Israel. They have touched off an inferno in the Middle East.

KENDO: Money will be thrown when disasters strike

It’s a time of hope for plenty if the rains come. It’s also a time of anxiety.

KENDO: Will forecast El Niño teach planner anything?

Government should address local priorities – more urgently now, in the age of climate emergencies.

KENDO: Align country priorities with national means

The ultimate responsibility of addressing immediate challenges lies with individual governments.

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