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MUGWE: Hawkers’ menace is the tragedy of the commons

This system of private property rights will help the county transition the hawkers from informal to formal traders.

Locked MUGWE: JKIA mishaps: Is it a case of citizen saboteurs?

Acts of citizen saboteurs results in accidents, delays and negative publicity.

MUGWE: Additional public holidays: Wrong solution for the right problem

The benefits of a shorter working week are contributed to by a largely overlooked factor called capital.

MUGWE: Corruption in Kenya: Who will guard the guards?

It seems everything else has failed, so let’s legalise it.

MUGWE: Is Brian Mwenda a victim or villain?

Each year, over 1 million people enter the labour market without skills, and others informally acquire skills but are ...

MUGWE: Portland demolition consequence of auditory illusion

Mavoko homeowners cannot now seek sympathy and castigate the state for their gullibility.

MUGWE: The false consensus effect on the Israel-Palestine war

Why everybody thinks they’re right and all dissenters are wrong.

MUGWE: Is fifth-generation warfare Ruto’s trump card?

It's much easier to communicate something without concern for things, such as truth, evidence or logic.

MUGWE: Understanding Riggy G through cocktail party effect

Media have lost control of agenda setting, Riggy G has taken over the reins of that agenda.

MUGWE: Politicians should pay Pigouvian Tax for loose lips

However, it is bemusing to return epithets with epithets and think that we are expressing indignation.

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