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Senators, stop gaslighting us on revenue sharing formula

The unaccountables working in the shadows of influence are the gainers or losers.

Mr President: You created deadly bootleg alcohol trade

Prohibition flopped in the US and it will in Kenya.

Sakaja: Mea culpa, or sorry you got caught?

Sakaja’s apology is an insult to many Kenyans.Alcohol simply amplifies the man you really are.

Tobiko, stop hiding behind a fig leaf of ignorance

Either the CS has a very short memory, or he is being deliberately euphemistic.

Schools have been closed, but did we need them?

Learning is the cognitive process of acquiring new skills or knowledge and it is a lifelong process.

Waiguru’s impeachment acquittal: Innocent or Teflon Effect?

Teflon has become a moniker synonymous with the concept of accusations not sticking to a person.

MUGWE: The secret politicians know that we don’t

Why demonize politicians as selfish when they recant their positions to save their seats?

Uhuru, please govern with the Constitution, not with a cattle prod

Uhuru should not do blame divergent views for lack of delivery of government business.

Jubilee purge: Case of killing chicken as monkey watches?

Let the unfolding political drama entertain you without catching feelings.

Coronavirus not a science problem, it is a moral dilemma

Government should now consider the doctrine of double effect

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