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BBI consensus and the elite's long spoons

In Heaven those with arm-long spoons cooperate, feed each other and prosper -not here in hell.

Is BBI our Potemkin village?

Are we only being conditioned to look at what goodies BBI brings rather than its utility?

Ruto's leaving banned Kisii rally was a 'BATNA' win

Ruto probably wise to walk away from banned rally, live to fight another day.

No saints in Kenya’s political chaos

Why do we mete out violence online to strangers for opinions contrary to ours?

The fallacy of Kazi Mtaani job creation and Hustler Nation drive

What's the distinction between Kazi Mtaani Hustler Nation goals? Why is one deemed noble, the other evil?

Will Uhuru turn to Scylla or Charybdis?

President caught between two horrible alternatives, whether or not he dissolves Parliament.

Dear Tribe, it is never about you

Every election, tribal kingpins caucus to decide the leader the whole tribe should support.

Public outrage over Ngeno, Sudi virtue signalling

The politicos have taken to the stage to play to the gallery to condemn the utterances

Is Ruto culpable of Kemsa scandal or victim?

The DP has been perceived — through polls — to be the most corrupt politician in the country.

Legalise corruption to end it

To slay this dragon, we should without apologies, decriminalise corruption.

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