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Kenya to receive 400,000 AstraZeneca doses on Saturday

To attain herd immunity Kenya should vaccinate at least 60% of the population

Don't self medicate, Kagwe warns amid rising Covid cases

This comes in the wake of rising Covid cases fueled by the Delta variant.

Kenya mulls vaccines mix and match amid supply challenges

World Health Organization yet to give a nod on the mixing and matching of vaccines

Nurses welcome move to allow health workers work in UK

Knun SG Seth Panyako said this will also diversify the skills of nurses

Civil society calls for permanent solution to ARVs shortage

Called for a permanent solution to address the taxation of donated medical products

Kenyan health workers to get jobs in UK in new deal

Among areas of interest is improving treatment, prevention and management of cancer in Kenya.

Kenya resumes issuance of first AstraZeneca doses

To attain herd immunity 60% of the population has to be vaccinated.

Turkana to have Covid-19 testing centre

The county will also have a blood donation and storage system.

Clinicians hit out at politicians for fueling Covid wave

The clinicians now say the country is officially in the fourth wave

16% of handwashing stations inaccessible to children, disabled - report

The findings have raised the question of inclusivity for everyone when designing the stations.

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