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Five die every minute globally from harm while seeking treatment

The majority of Kenyans believe that patient safety standards in the country are a  far cry from global benchmarks.

WHO to use key data from malaria vaccine pilots for policy making

Malaria still remains one of the top 10 causes of death in the country.

Champion for key and vulnerable populations acess to quality health services

Giving examples, she noted that 68 countries currently criminalise same sex relationships while sex work is ...

Government urged to account for funds pumped into UHC

Stakeholders say much change has not been seen since the launch of the pilot phase.

Global award winner who has donated blood 172 times

Arjun Mainali, 51, has saved the lives of 513 people.

Country in acute blood shortage

Inability to find and store sufficient blood and blood products blamed on 'donation only' policy.

Baringo to get 10,000 mosquito nets to contain malaria outbreak

Priority will be given to pregnant women and children of below five years.

Healthcare company Abbott opens EA offices in Nairobi

The company has supplied millions of rapid tests for HIV, malaria and hepatitis

Ticketing system to manage long queues at Mama Lucy

Sh5 million project expected to start working in a month.

Stop sugars to beat obesity, WHO says

The world now faces a “double burden” of malnutrition from inadequate food intake

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