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Handshake intact, let’s vote on BBI

Like the oak tree, political leaders must not think they are too strong and more grounded than others.

Political alliances good for Kenya's unity

We need are alliances based on common ideals, and a need to transform our nation

UDA is overrated and a non-starter

Politics is about momentum and UDA has lost it all to claim it is a force to be reckoned with in 2022

New improved police the pride of our nation

The fruits we are seeing are not a one-day event.

PEV costly, stop beating war drums

No one is above the law, not the police, politicians or any single Kenyan.

Kenyans can’t wait to vote for BBI

Losing the momentum would clearly be subverting the will of Kenyans.

Protect freedom of expression

It is important that the Bill before Parliament is withdrawn.

We need another rainbow moment in 2022

Such an alliance would create an unstoppable movement that will sweep everything against it

Farming potential job creator

We cannot all fit in offices.

Mt Kenya fully behind Uhuru

We must support you on BBI as it is the solution to electoral violence.

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