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WAIKENDA: Runoff will favour perceived underdog, Ruto

Raila must win round one to win the presidency.

WAIKENDA: What if Uhuru hoodwinked both Ruto and Raila?

For many political commentators, it does not make sense for Uhuru to draw sympathy votes for Ruto.

WAIKENDA: Raila’s deputy dilemma a lose-lose

This dilemma may not even go away when he uses the committee he formed last week.

WAIKENDA: Kibaki: Legend who took Kenya to new level

His most critical achievement was the 2010 Constitution.

Primaries: Winds of change blowing across Kenya

Kenyans are ready for change, even when you look at how small parties have become attractive

WAIKENDA: Running mate selection will decide election

The options presented by both camps are underwhelming, and a boring continuation of the same old mundane way of doing ...

WAIKENDA: Uhuru has outperformed predecessors

While Kenya is facing economic difficulties, the economy is double what it was when Kibaki left office.

WAIKENDA: Here come the bruising primaries

Political party nominations are a cornerstone of democracy; there is a need to ensure primaries are free and fair.

WAIKENDA: Focus on policies, not raising political temperatures

Kenyans have everything to lose in this uncontrolled show of might among our leaders.

WAIKENDA: Why governors shouldn’t run for Senate

Wouldn’t there be a conflict if the new senators want to investigate corruption allegations by their own previous ...

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