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Uhuru playing political rugby

Politics needs such smart wits if one is to survive.

Robert Mugabe is, will always be, a hero

Not the cold and bad leader that the West paints him.

War on corruption is not tribe warfare

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Get rid of presidential ballot

Are we trying to avoid the real problem with our elections?

Waititu's Trojan horse falls apart

Governor rushed to court seeking to use a shortcut to be allowed back to office.

JSC should reevaluate itself over Justice Ojwang case

The JSC must be in the forefront of safeguarding the Constitution

Punguza mizigo a non-starter

Proposals poorly thought out, fail to take into account the role of citizenry.

Sudi’s attacks on Uhuru childish

Hypocritical speeches are easily seen through.

Attacks on Tuju are of no consequence

A mountain is being created out of a molehill in political circles, specifically in Jubilee Party.

Power play in Parliament

The Senate is the lower house with an upper house name.

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