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Who’s your shujaa? Are you one?

What happened to our sense of nationhood, where we put our nation before ourselves?

Ruto must resign or be impeached

He has decided to campaign early, subtly attack the President and openly defy his boss.

Support Uhuru’s agenda for Kenya

All Kenyans must demand that their leaders at all level focus on delivery of services.

Activist CJ blinded by his legacy

A nation cannot be run by shock and awe tactics.

Uhuru will not extend his term

Has always put the interests of the country above his own.

Sudi and his ilk insignificant demagogues

The lawmaker and the rest are not the President’s equals.

Dissolve Senate, it’s an utter failure

Suspending parliaments is not new and has been done elsewhere in Britain and Canada

Referendum: Let's not repeat the 2005 mistake

if we go the referendum way, be sure to see a very divided country, political lines will be drawn

2022 Succession politics: Beware of voters’ wrath

Politicians seem not to have learnt that the voter is observant and ruthless at the ballot.

Deep State narrative a Trojan horse

No person, or group of people, can subvert the will of the people.

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