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Prepare for year of political theatrics

We’re not even halfway into January and we are already off to a tumultuous start.

New anti-doping law protects Kenyan athletes

New law amends the Anti-Doping Act of 2016 to align with the 2021 World Anti-Doping code

Ruto formidable but beatable

In my opinion, he is the frontrunner and the person to beat in 2022.

Let’s not politicise doctors’ plight

We cannot continue with the blame game that we have witnessed in the last couple of weeks.

Why Njoki Ndung’u should be next CJ

She has made her mark not only as a lawyer but a progressive legislator.

Endorse BBI and unite country forever

Proposals will transform Kenya for the better, and take us on path of shared prosperity.

NMS the real deal, Sonko a mere drama queen

Sonko’s administration the greatest disappointment, fails to offer even simple services.

Let's follow our Moses to Canaan

The journey to Canaan was a long and difficult one, as it is in present Kenya

BBI can save Kenya from US election crisis

Uhuru is not supporting the BBI for his own benefit, as he will not be on the ballot.

Disband IEBC before referendum

Since the 2017 elections, the IEBC has been more of a circus than an electoral agency

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