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WAIKENDA: Paradox of Northern Kenya's lagging development

It's a complex issue with roots in historical, geographical and socioeconomic factors.

WAIKENDA: We need economic recovery strategy

Kenya possesses the resilience and resources to overcome these challenges

WAIKENDA: Ward development funds are illegal

The core function of county assemblies lies in legislation and oversight of the county governments.

WAIKENDA: Why Kenya must lead Africa’s unification voice

The country has strong economy, vibrant democracy and diverse population, making it a serious contender for the role.

WAIKENDA: Uphold Mwangaza impeachment

If a governor is unable to contain the MCAs and govern, then one must relinquish their seat. It doesn’t matter how ...

WAIKENDA: Rebuild society's decaying moral fibre

We celebrate the corrupt, and the difference between those eating and everyone else is the opportunity.

WAIKENDA: DP Gachagua speaks for Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya has a right to demand its share of government and development.

WAIKENDA: Put Kenya first while seeking dialogue consensus

One way is to focus on the issues that matter most to Kenyans—cost of living, unemployment and corruption.

WAIKENDA: Haiti mission a bold move despite the risks

With careful planning and execution, Kenya's mission to Haiti can be a success.

WAIKENDA: UDA NGC a chance to strengthen party

Ruto needs to ensure that the party has a strong and democratic leadership structure.

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