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WAIKENDA: Raila, Karua and building democracy

A robust and institutionalised opposition is critical for the country’s democracy.

WAIKENDA: Opposition should quit sideshows

The opposition side could do Kenyans a great service if it sat down and offered objective criticism of the government’s ...

WAIKENDA: Ruto's Nyanza tour opens door for development

The President is making good his words that no part of Kenya will be sidelined — even those that did not vote for him

WAIKENDA: Cabinet retreat timely, will streamline delivery

In this day and age, Kenyans should be able to get government services from the comfort of their homes, and through ...

WAIKENDA: Time to reform criminal justice system

The criminal justice system must be about rehabilitation, not simply jailing and punishing people.

WAIKENDA: Senate should save Meru governor

The issues in question sound more political than legal, with the latter being what should guide an impeachment process.

WAIKENDA: Ruto letter signals new dawn for politics

It is important that we continue to work in ensuring that the reforms we undertake work for benefit of the country.

WAIKENDA: Why IEBC Four must be punished

Anyone who acts in a manner that seeks to overturn or undermine the will of Kenyans must be punished.

WAIKENDA: Ruto's diplomacy key to Kenya's future

Economic diplomacy is critical for local businesses as it opens new markets.

WAIKENDA: New security team must fix insecurity

No Kenyan should lose his/her life in the hands of criminals, whether in the cities or in the remote areas.

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