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Crush Mt Kenya rebellion ruthlessly

Everyone assumes the President will exit active politics, even before he hands over.

GDP survey does not represent reality

It is doubtful that in a country where people are living from hand to mouth can be said to be growing economically

Use referendum to strengthen institutions

A wise person will debate every pro and con before coming to fix resolution

By-election wins underscore Ruto prowess

Winning often depends on who wants it the most

Building Bridges, for real

We have failed to deal with all the historical injustices that have divided us along tribal lines.

Jubilee unity is critical

A home that is fighting will never forge a united front towards development and progress

We must clean up the Judiciary

How can Kenyans expect judges to properly adjudicate on matters relating to corruption while they themselves are being ...

Let’s not wait for drought deaths to act

This short story teaches us that preparedness for war is the best guarantee of success.

Avoid planting seeds of discord

We have been treated to political rhetoric that is pointing to carelessness.

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