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WAIKENDA: Parliament should criminalise pending bills

We have slowly but surely become a nation of debt. Everywhere you look, debt seems to be the prevailing commodity.

WAIKENDA: Ruto’s inauguration heralds Kenya's rebirth

Today marks a new era for Kenya as William Ruto is sworn in as Kenya’s fifth President

WAIKENDA: What Ruto must prioritise in first 100 days

The government must prioritise putting money in the pockets of Kenyans and food on the table.

WAIKENDA: Raila should save Kenya Supreme Court battle

A runoff at this time will favour Ruto, and increase the current margin significantly.

Vote your conscience, peacefully

The decision we make today will reverberate for years to come; the destiny of our nation is now in your hands.

WAIKENDA: Beware of the silent majority voter

They hold the decisive card in next week’s election and not just at the national level but also locally.

WAIKENDA: Attempt to force six-piece voting must be stopped

All of the ills facing our democracy can be traced down to one problem—six-piece voting.

WAIKENDA: Why debates won't sway voters

It is too late to sway voters with debates, especially when they already know what their candidates stand for.

WAIKENDA: Assault on IEBC akin to playing Russian roulette

An all-out assault against the IEBC will cause tension and sow seeds of discord

WAIKENDA: Unga cost: Why we need food subsidy programme

It is now almost a daily occurrence to find TV and print headline stories on the cost of living, with a focus on the ...

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