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WAIKENDA: Government making good progress on economy

Kenya needs an environment where both small and large enterprises can grow and thrive, and effectively contribute to ...

WAIKENDA: Absorbing NYS graduates key to beat unemployment

Many times, we forget to put our strengths, skills and knowledge in the right place, thus, missing their benefits.

WAIKENDA: Ruto’s LPG plan good for country

Making LPG affordable is critical for the country as it will help move more Kenyans away from using firewood and ...

WAIKENDA: Kenya is need of fresh investments and markets

The economic diplomacy being led by the President holds the key to Kenya’s prosperity.

WAIKENDA: President, governors making the right moves

No single devolution issue should stall due to differences of opinion.

WAIKENDA: Azimio must accept and move on

Azimio should be wise enough to apply pressure in the right places to ensure that the government delivers.

WAIKENDA: Raila, Karua and building democracy

A robust and institutionalised opposition is critical for the country’s democracy.

WAIKENDA: Opposition should quit sideshows

The opposition side could do Kenyans a great service if it sat down and offered objective criticism of the government’s ...

WAIKENDA: Ruto's Nyanza tour opens door for development

The President is making good his words that no part of Kenya will be sidelined — even those that did not vote for him

WAIKENDA: Cabinet retreat timely, will streamline delivery

In this day and age, Kenyans should be able to get government services from the comfort of their homes, and through ...

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