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BIO: Godfrey Kimega is a communication professional with experience in government, civil society, manufacturing and SMEs. He has unique insights on how these sectors can work together to lift people out of poverty.

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Why traders opt to dodge askaris than pay for licence

Many say business permits are unaffordable; most of their income goes into urgent day-to-day household expenses.

How much income is enough for today’s needs?

There is no right or wrong choice in personal finances but each choice will either increase or decrease your spending.

Inner drive necessary for success in business

A heightened sense of motivation keeps you going in tough times

High-risk nature of doing business with politicians

They print posters, T-shirts on credit only to leave you hanging after polls

Locked Fake it till you make it? Degree fraud wider than politics

Long-serving pilot and doctor are among culprits recently busted

How cancel culture is taking over Kenya

Online group-think is dragging businesses, celebs through the mud

Locked Everyone loves mitumba but producing creates more jobs

Importing ready-made clothes deprives millions of roles in manufacturing

How couples struggle with division of labour

Inability to afford house help leaves many splitting chores

How to keep auctioneers out of your business

Avoid expanding too fast or taking on too much debt

Why couples need marital education

Divorcees regret not knowing their partners better before wedding

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