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BIO: Godfrey Kimega is a communication professional with experience in government, civil society, manufacturing and SMEs. He has unique insights on how these sectors can work together to lift people out of poverty.

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Tough balancing act for online regulation

Social media has grown in importance in Africa's elections

How to be a land agent

10% commission from Sh1 million land sale could earn you Sh100,000

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Recently deceased billionaire said kids should be told business secrets

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Omosh and Lolani Kalu have had contrasting fortunes

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You should not take more than five and a half bottles of beer a week

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Even well-paid professionals return to university for further studies

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From dick pics to lover’s nudes, people do it for ego, likes and revenge

How to get value for rent

You need to agree with your landlord about maintenance

Marrying against the flow? Prepare for society's backlash

Age, ethnicity and race variations raise eyebrows, as do non-human choices

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