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BIO: Godfrey Kimega is a communication professional with experience in government, civil society, manufacturing and SMEs. He has unique insights on how these sectors can work together to lift people out of poverty.

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How to protect yourself from computer injuries

We sit and stoop for long hours as our lives revolve around computers

Locked Why parents are worked up over school uniforms

Single-sourcing, high prices have led to calls for standardised outfits

Why farmers are slow to adopt smart farming

They gamble on rains for lack of funds, knowledge, inputs to adapt

Customers are often wrong

Assuming the customer is always right costs a business, other clients

Are children turning into cartoons?

One needed speech therapy after speaking like cartoon characters

What it means to succeed in today’s changing world

Many have achieved money, fame and power but lack inner peace

Why Kenya can no longer make the goods it used to

Debate over China Square has exposed problems in manufacturing

Layoff survivors also need attention

They experience anxiety, sadness and shock

Poor and ageing on the streets

Only 25% of workers are enrolled on NSSF or other pension schemes

No child should have to build wealth from scratch

While it deters laziness, it makes it harder for each generation to excel

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