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BIO: Godfrey Kimega is a communication professional with experience in government, civil society, manufacturing and SMEs. He has unique insights on how these sectors can work together to lift people out of poverty.

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How people become alcoholics

Many celebs and ordinary people are drinking their way to divorce, poverty

Dilemma of choosing a career after high school

Some parents try to live their unfulfilled ambitions through their children

Afraid of Covid vaccine? Information is power

It is the best shield against pandemic and benefits outweigh safety concerns

Kill or be killed: A truck driver’s dilemma

Highway robbery leads to a fatal confrontation

Social media news: To believe or not to believe?

There is a rush to be first with the news and get popularity for it

Headache of noisy events with amateur DJs

Guests have to shout at each other just to have a conversation

Cry of boy child as women rise

Worries over changing gender roles abound from China to Kenya

Does marital fidelity matter any more?

Radio talk shows are full of callers revealing their extramarital affairs

When employers harvest ideas during job interviews

One NGO is notorious for re-advertising vacancies

Will your Valentine today be with you tomorrow?

Freshley Mwamburi is not the only one to be conned in love

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