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BIO: Godfrey Kimega is a communication professional with experience in government, civil society, manufacturing and SMEs. He has unique insights on how these sectors can work together to lift people out of poverty.

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How to deal with information overload

Learn to space out your interaction with phone, TV, computer

Learning how to manage money

Squandering earnings is a fairly common problem across society

Are your children watching too much TV?

More kids are wearing glasses these days as screen time rises

Back-to-work blues: How to adapt

The best way out is to start thinking about your next holiday

Festive is a mere season

Traders often ignore old customers for temporary ones spending big

Why more Kenyans should embrace cremation

Njonjo joins Ken Okoth, Collymore, Wangari Maathai, Matiba in adopting it

Why you should insure your business

One trader was unable to recover after varsity rioters looted her shop

Overnight millionaires: How not to get broke again

Many people squander their fortunes after 'kuomoka'

Society aloof to fate of the elderly

Many are lonely and forgotten until it is too late

Free education? Tell that to millions at home

Even without fees, levies on things like food keep children out of school

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