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Cuisines, dances, dressing mark Asean festival

Festival promotes relations and tourism through cultural diplomacy

Israel envoy presents papers to Uhuru

Gendler spent a large part of his short stint in the accredited host states.

Kenya to negotiate for access to Japanese investments

CS Juma says Kenya expects to attract more interest by Japanese companies

12 women among newly trained diplomats for posting

Kenya is, however, still struggling to achieve gender parity in both electoral and appointive positions.

CRA changes criteria for marginalised areas

Key priorities identified are access to safe water, school enrolment and transition.

Djibouti refuses to accept defeat in UNSC seat race

An election will be held at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in June 2020.

Kenya gets AU endorsement for UN Security Council seat

Kenya garnered 37 votes against Djibouti’s 13 during the second round of voting.

Kieleweke isn't opposing Ruto presidency - Ngunjiri

Ngunjiri says he did not expect Kielweke to be become the movement that it is today.

Why Kenya has a friend in Ireland post-Brexit

Amb Quinlan speaks to the Star on Kenya-Irish ties in trade, agriculture and education.

Turkana wind power project to bring energy security

Kenya’s installed power capacity has increased from 1,768 MW in March 2013

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