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Air travel: Is it worth the risk? WHO Asks

Is resuming air travel worth the risk? asks WHO

Kenyan NGOs fight to stop UK aid cuts

Some face 30 per cent reduction in funding; they have written to Boris Johnson.

Kenya to buy pneumonia vaccine at half price

Country aims to eliminate pneumonia deaths in children by 2025.

Kemri: 2.6 million Kenyans already infected with Covid-19

One in five people in Nairobi already infected and recovered; immunity not assured

900,000 Kenyans carry silent TB, says ministry

They are asymptomatic walking time bombs and can fuel a TB epidemic in Kenya.

What it feels like to have Covid-19, clinician's experience

He felt there was a tyre on his neck and a fire burning inside his body.

Experts say Kenya's Covid-19 status remains unclear

Despite delays in testing, the cases being reported show an exponential increase.

Rainy season ends, cold weather takes over this week

Rains will be concentrated in Western and Coastal regions.

Medics wary as Kenya sends Covid-19 patients home

Last week, the ministry released at least 600 patients to pilot the programme.

Hundreds of cleft lip surgeries resume

Some 2,500 patients could not receive care since the Covid-19 restrictions.

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