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How Covid-19 vaccines will reach Kenya

Five candidates on the frontline; Unicef sends in millions of syringes in preparation.

Outpatient visits for children drop by half

Uptake of vaccines, antenatal care, and skilled birth deliveries also nose-dive

Counties excluded from Covid-19 oxygen team

Oparanya expresses concern given that counties manage nearly all public health facilities.

Unep and WHO join fight to end failing drugs in Africa

Cases of drug-resistant HIV, TB and malaria are on the rise across the continent.

Kenya asks WTO to suspend patents for Covid-19 drugs

Some drug makers are already trying to keep prices artificially high.

Oxford vaccine effective in people above 70 years

It is also being tested in Kilifi to see if it prevents people from getting Covid-19

Lamu coal plant biggest investor abandons project

The Chinese bank was to contribute 60 per cent of the Sh200 billion cost of the plant

Put all patients on new TB drugs, Kenya advised

Country praised for being an early adopter, but it's sluggish in expanding benefits.

Rain to reduce countrywide, forecast shows

November is the peak month for the short rain season.

All health workers to get Covid-19 vaccine next year

Gavi raises minimum cash needed to ensure 20% of Kenyans get the jab.

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