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Unionist Oluga becomes Kenya's newest internist

He will now care for adults, managing conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

Beware of bogus home testing HIV kits on sale

Survey in Nairobi and Mombasa shows prevalence of non-approved kits,mainly imported from South Africa or China

Rains to continue this week, farmers might suffer

In Central Kenya, the rains will reduce and most places will be cool and cloudy.

ARVs to come in larger containers, HIV+ people angry

People living with HIV+ angered say they might be exposed.

Scrap food relief, says Uhuru

With cash, families are more versatile on their needs and choice of food,  says Uhuru

KNH staff strike off after state promises to settle arrears

Committee formed to detail, within 14 days, how payments will be done.

Nicotine pouches in Kenya must carry health warnings - Board

Nicotine is hugely addictive and is especially dangerous for teens whose brains are still developing.

Malaria parasites in Kenya can grow drug resistant

No resistance to the current artemisinin-based drugs has been reported in Kenya yet

Private hospitals to get UHC cash

But CS Kariuki says they will be monitored closely so that Kenyans are not short-changed.

Malaria eradication possible by 2050 - experts

The disease killed 16,000 Kenyans in 2016 and 17,553 in 2017.

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