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Why Kenyans should brace for heavy rains this week

Met has put the entire country on alert, says 66% certainty more heavy rains are coming.

Kenya on course to bring HIV under control - Unaids

Kenya has reduced Aids deaths by 52 per cent, surpassing the country’s target of reducing Aids-related deaths by 25 per ...

Wanjau remains acting CA boss, says board chair Gituku

Justice Ongaya declined to extend  Wangusi's stay at the Commucations Authority.

Trump officials attack Nairobi Summit over abortion

US officials read an unsigned statement and claim to speak for several countries.

Armed GSU scatter 'bloody' anti-abortion protests

Protestors had pulled up two trash cans outside the KICC, the venue of the conference.

Prepare for digital jobs or lose, Melinda Gates tells Kenya

The digital wave will affect everyone but there will be winners and losers.

Vaccine levels jump to 80 per cent - Kariuki

Coverage had dropped to a dangerous 15-year low during the General Election year.

Kenyan women top Africa in contraceptives use

Six million Kenyan women are on contraceptives and this year prevented 2,356,000 pregnancies.

Five delegates hospitalised after fainting at ICPD summit

Participants took an average of four hours queuing outside the Nairobi County Assembly.

Ex-New Zealand PM praises Kenya's declining population

Predicts Kenyans will soon look back and wonder what the fuss about gay people was all about

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