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Kenyan living in the US dies of coronavirus

The man from Molo was being treated for underlying condition when he contracted Covid-19.

Aga Khan medics quarantined over coronavirus

Patient who died of Covid-19 once visited hospital without disclosing travel history

Kagwe: This is how Covid-19 could overwhelm us

One person positive with coronavirus will indirectly infect at least 244 others

Govedi ejected from blood transfusion service

Her tenure was marked by consistent blood shortages, which the DCI is probing

State suspends prayers in forest shrines

Religious leaders and elders have traditionally prayed in forests to ward off calamities.

Activist asks Uhuru to close borders

Open borders will fuel more infection into Kenya.

TB test a must for coronavirus suspects - Kagwe

Similar symptoms and both diseases primarily affect the lungs.

State to give HIV-positive people bulk ARVs for 3 months

All ART facilities will be supplied with up to four months of stock of ARVs early next month

Rains return this week, says Met

Farmers had planted while others were preparing to sow before the short dry spell set in.

What rainy season means for coronavirus

Coronaviruses are usually stable at low temperature and low humidity environment.

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