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How NHIF-drugmaker's deal is saving women lives

Doctors avoided the only drug that could save life due to cost. Many poor women are now accessing it

Locked Many children are stressed, Kenya is not paying attention

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha says children require targeted mental health interventions.

What to expect when HIV-positive children enter high school

Most boarding schools require students to reveal their status on admission, and surrender drugs

New forecast shows El Nino rains to continue until February

But Icpac, in its statement said the  phenomenon would contribute to a further spike in temperatures in Kenya

Hope for better healthcare as more specialist nurses graduate

At the Nairobi Hospital, most of the graduands specialised in various areas such as cancer and critical care

Kenya-tested Malaria vaccine cuts deaths by 13 per cent — WHO

It's given in eight Western Kenya counties. At least 18 countries now plan to introduce the vaccine from 2024 onwards

Health officials find polioviruses in Nairobi sewage

It bolsters evidence vaccine-derived polio is spreading in Kenya

Kenyans with HIV demand inclusion in UHC team

This is the second team, after doctors, to question how the four laws governing the cover are being implemented

State gifts Kemsa Sh2 billion to buy drugs

Nyakera said Kemsa was struggling to buy drugs and owes its suppliers Sh2.6 billion

Met: Prepare for another week of flood misery

Met lists at least 20 counties expected to receive heavy rains. This could cause flooding.

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