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Firm sold to Kenya 14m defective mosquito nets - Global Fund

Nets partly blamed for spikes in malaria cases in Kenya, other countries affected.

Desert locust infestation to be contained any time, says FAO

Organisation says delayed rains means swarms cannot mature or lay eggs

Why day temperatures are still unusually high

Experts explain why most of the country still roasting at above 30 degrees Celsius

WHO gives verdict on Astrazeneca vaccine

Recommends that the jab should continue because the benefits outweigh any possible harms.

Tanzania Covid-19 variant worries scientists, more studies needed

Researchers encourage vaccination to beat emerging strains of the coronavirus.

Kenya asks polluting donors to forgive some debts

It has worked for Argentina, which owes billions to various foreign lenders.

Kenya may access South Africa-made Covid vaccine from July

Johnson & Johnson jab is single dose and was 64 per cent effective in South Africa

Forgotten diseases loom as attention turns to Covid-19

Experts warn Kenya to expect more cases of measles, HIV, cancer outcomes

Babies to suffer most in Sh90m ARV tax stand-off

USAID avoided Kemsa and brought drugs through a US company; refuses to pay tax

How to get compensation if Covid vaccine harms you

Deaths will be paid Sh10,000 per day of hospitalisation up to Sh600,000.

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