BIO: Senator for persons with living with disabilties

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Hits and misses of a constitutional consensus

If fully implemented the document is fairly progressive for project Kenya.

BBI must entrench respect for law, human rights

Everyone is focusing on powers of a new PM, but what about human rights?

Hustler and reform narrative: Ruto vs Raila 2022 duel

They are aggressive, and indefatigable in their quest to win the presidency.

Mess in MES hurts neediest, benefits wealthy

Some leased equipment manufactured locally was leased at more than 10 times the markeet price.

Why I beg to differ with Maraga

Parliament has made not less than 3 attempts at passing a two thirds bill.

Democracy in Kenya has failed, we need an alternative

Democracy as practiced is inherently flawed.

Lessons from UhuRuto to Uhuru and Ruto

In their first term Uhuru and Ruto, just like Jomo and Jaramogi, wore similar ties and shirts,

Katiba at 10: Hits and misses for persons with disabilities

The Constitution is good; the implementation is not yet at par.

How one for the road makes world run around

The many vehicles you see at Bypass in Kamakis have got something to do with the cash or lack of it in your pocket.

How police brutality brought Senate factions to the table

No matter the circumstances, the rule of law must be adhered to

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