BIO: Senator for persons with living with disabilties

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Covid-19 lockdown inevitable if indicipline continues

Self-discipline has no substitute, its either you have it or you don't

Lockdown will only hurt Kenyans' pockets more

Kenyans have defied government orders, because most live from hand to mouth.

Coronavirus: How Kenya can turn around its ailing economy

Lockdown? Most Kenyans cannot afford to stay home, otherwise, they would starve

Handshake can make deputy president opposition leader

There's nothing like government without political divide within a democratic context.

Coronavirus weapon to keep China in its place

Virus has caused great stigma, discrimination against the Chinese people globally.

Olekina: The resurgence of tribal identity

BBI initiative should protect both the majority but also the many minorities.

Economy in shambles because we're living way beyond our means

We are mortgaged as any increase in revenue goes directly to service debt.

MCA Omondi was a 'man of the people'

Many of the residents of Kahawa Wendani will remember Cyro for his good deeds

Moi: A legacy of dual personality

Moi oversaw the collapse of the agricultural sector, especially tea, coffee and sugar.

Why Senate upheld Waititu's impeachment

Defence never submitted any defence, spent hours on legal points.

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