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Locked MWAURA: Ann Njeri: Oil scandal that never was

G2G agreement aims to help Kenya reduce this dollar crunch on a monthly basis.

MWAURA: Kenya has gained a lot from Ruto's foreign trips

The trips have led to indisputable rise of Kenya as a diplomatic powerhouse and regional hub for business.

MWAURA: Rutocare a game changer for hustler families

No one will be turned away, everyone will be treated before billing no one will be denied care if they lack money.

MWAURA: Political party stability key to Kenya’s future

Accountability will go a long way achieving a commonly shared vision for a better country.

MWAURA: Here's my vision towards a more open government

My office will be keen to learn and institute new ways of relaying both information and feedback from the public.

MWAURA: How to become kingpin and what it takes

Those who aspire to such influence must demonstrate in myriad ways they are lions who fight for their people.

MWAURA: Gachagua: Truthful man that Azimio fears to hate

The DP is not always shy to respond to any allegations levelled against the KK administration.

MWAURA: Kenya has clawed back from economic precipice

Critics point out problems demanding five years' results in one year.

MWAURA: Servant leadership: Ruto's rise as an African voice

The President has within a very short time distinguished himself as a man of action.

MWAURA: Five types of money that a smart politician needs

Wise politician must save and invest for his future because turn-over of office bearers is very high.

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