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MWAURA: Public debt: How Medium-Term plan will improve lives

As part of the employment creation strategy, the government aims to: support MSMEs.

MWAURA: How KK administration is planning to spur economic take-off

Public participation during project identification and implementation is critical at this juncture as it enhances ...

MWAURA: What Kenya Kwanza is doing to achieve Vision 2030

The government has been trying to implement the 22-year plan based on the priorities of any incoming administration.

MWAURA: Kenya Kwanza manifesto plan showing results

Homa Bay showcase of Ruto’s promises becoming reality: tarmacked roads, chartered university.

MWAURA: Haba na haba: Change doesn’t come in chariots

Instilling patriotism and touching hearts and minds can make Project Kenya succeed.

Locked MWAURA: Opportunities abound, Kenyans should grab them now

The government is rebuilding the economic foundations to improve lives.

MWAURA: Free medical care thanks to social health insurance

State makes life better and more affordable in healthcare so those at the bottom of the pyramid do not suffer.

MWAURA: Why Kenya has so many opportunities in tourism

We are endowed with many natural resources including minerals such as gemstones, gold, fluorspar, granite.

MWAURA: Bottom-up gains for youth, farmers and vulnerable

State top officials are visiting all 22 ministries, 54 state departments and 350 state agencies.

MWAURA: Kenya outdid itself in 2023

The people of Kenya are strong, focused, opinionated, intentional and resolute in what they pursue.

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