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MWAURA: Presidential debate: Did the 5th President show up?

Session gave Ruto opportunity to, in his own words, clear the air on many ‘false narratives’ levelled against him.

MWAURA: Why Rigathi beat Karua in running mate debate

Gachagua the underdog, surpassed expectations of many and came out as more presidential, in touch with the ground ...

Locked ISAAC MWAURA: Kenya Kwanza squabbles storm in a teacup

Quarrels common in other coalitions, there's nothing new here.

MWAURA: Impeachment saga: In defence of Ruto

Claims desperate attempts to justify crumbling government sponsored project under Azimio.

MWAURA: Itwika moment: From the second to third liberation

The entitlement of a select few that only they and their families can rule this country is totally unacceptable!

ISAAC MWAURA: Which way for Kalonzo in presidential run?

Whichever way he decides to go, it will definitely sway public opinion.

MWAURA: Jubilee rebranding: Final divorce proceedings will be at NDC

We have a very long way to go in realising a stable political party development regime

MWAURA: The earthquake, aftermath and realignment of casualties

Everything has a price and it remains to be seen how the Kenya Kwanza Alliance will grow and who will join

MWAURA: Ruto Vs Raila a contest between past and future?

It is a case of direct nationalism versus tribal nationalism building blocks towards the polls

Goodbye 2021, don't let the door smack you on your way out

Bright spots  — BBI's collapse, court rulings against Executive, by-elections' outcome.

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