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MWAURA: Kenya at 60: A letter to our motherland

You have gone through famine and drought, yet you remain unbowed, unbroken.

Locked MWAURA: My trials and tribulations in Jubilee

Today, the once powerful ruling party has two competing factions seeking to control it.

MWAURA: Ruto sent right message on graft war with Kemsa purge

The action signals an administration keen on ensuring there is effective public service delivery.

Locked MWAURA: Proposals in Finance Bill 2023 will create jobs for youth

A proposed higher taxation regime on imported fish will also lead to better market for local fishermen.

MWAURA: Raila’s handshakes script for 26 years; the goal is obvious

It is not by coincidence that on the 5th anniversary of his handshake with Uhuru, Raila declared protests predictably ...

Locked MWAURA: Matiang’i: Rise and fall of 'Super Minister'

How things changed for this once all-powerful Mr Fix It of the Handshake administration

MWAURA: Lessons from Ruto's campaign and leadership

The President was very clear on what he wanted to achieve and even when he faced a lot of resistance, he never backed ...

MWAURA: What makes leaders to backslide

For one to solve a certain issue that is bedeviling society, it takes a lot of commitment and determination to do so

MWAURA: Azimio wrangles: What goes around comes around

Indeed power is transient and that what you do to people here on earth, it shall as well be done to you

Locked Cabinet reunion urged to resist paying taxes

Still, the government must borrow more than Sh600 billion to cover deficit.

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