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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

DYER: Return of the alliances

Right now, the various regional alliances that already exist seem to be consolidating into a single all-embracing ...

DYER: US, Brazil failed populist coups

Neither man had any plan for the end-game

Tigray, Ethiopia and Other African Wars

What’s surprising is not the fact of Africa’s wars but how few of them there are.

DYER: Populist wave here for some time yet

There is no clear evidence that the populist wave is will be with us for some time yet, and it may even ...

DYER: Towards planetary defence system

The primary aim of the exercise is to see how much that can shift the smaller asteroid’s orbit around its primary, ...

DYER: Ukraine: Risk of ceasefire dwindles

The temptation to push on and try to finish the war now will be strong, but they should think three times before giving ...

DYER: Russia: The last empire

Russians yet to grasp they are going through decolonisation.

DYER: United Kingdom: The once and future king

Boris Johnson bid to come back as party leader can only work if Liz Truss is fired for losing the election.

DYER: Ukraine War: Mother May I?

Why is it not in Ukraine’s interest to take ownership of these small but symbolically important victories?

DYER: Tunisia: Last Arab democracy goes under

Majorities in favour of strong-man rule exist in almost all Arab countries.

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