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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

GWYNNE DYER: Digital peasants and the ignorant rich

Omicron looks like it may be a big problem, and there could be even bigger ones behind it.

GWYNNE DYER: COP26: There's a smidgen of hope in the air

Perhaps it’s the extreme weather of the past year or so that has put people into a more cooperative mood.

GWYNNE DYER: Ethiopia and Nigeria: Dismantling Africa

Somaliland, Eritrea, South Sudan...who’s next?

Looking for the pain threshold: Why COP26 won’t deliver

Reaching the Paris goal would require a 45 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Will China invade Taiwan?

Further escalation by either side would be deterred by the fear of nuclear war, and some sort of deal would have to be ...

GWYNNE DYER: The Quad and next Cold War

What’s this all about?...sheer power in an almost abstract sense.

DYER: Are US, China too big to be equal?

Americans are used to these disparities, and can console themselves with the myth of ‘equal opportunity’.

Tigray: Sparta in Africa

Suddenly Ethiopia starts to look a lot like former Yugoslavia just before the civil wars of the 1990s split it into six ...

GWYNNE DYER: Afghanistan's recycled wars

This is not the first time that the country has been in such a mess

GWYNNE DYER: United Kingdom: 'Let the Bodies Pile High'

On Monday, with new Covid cases zooming past 50,000 a day and currently doubling every two weeks, Johnson announced the ...

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