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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

DYER: Towards planetary defence system

The primary aim of the exercise is to see how much that can shift the smaller asteroid’s orbit around its primary, ...

DYER: Ukraine: Risk of ceasefire dwindles

The temptation to push on and try to finish the war now will be strong, but they should think three times before giving ...

DYER: Russia: The last empire

Russians yet to grasp they are going through decolonisation.

DYER: United Kingdom: The once and future king

Boris Johnson bid to come back as party leader can only work if Liz Truss is fired for losing the election.

DYER: Ukraine War: Mother May I?

Why is it not in Ukraine’s interest to take ownership of these small but symbolically important victories?

DYER: Tunisia: Last Arab democracy goes under

Majorities in favour of strong-man rule exist in almost all Arab countries.

DYER: Monkeypox is a reminder

We haven’t learned enough from our harrowing experience with Covid.

DYER: The great multi-cultural experiment

Is this transformation occurring in the rest of the ‘West’ too? Yes, but at different speeds.

DYER: Sri Lanka: A Band of Brothers

After 20 years with the Rajapaksa brothers in power most of the time, Sri Lanka today is bankrupt.

DYER: Boris: The Last Straw

What will finally bring him down is not the economy, or Brexit, but the incessant, instinctive, stupid lies.

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