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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

Shipping worse than aviation

Each accounts for about 3% of total emissions of human origin, they are both growing fast, and they are both very hard ...

Warming and the Texas big freeze

It’s the ‘unknown unknowns’ that do the worst damage.

Iran: Another nuclear bungle?

Trump may be gone, but realism has not yet found its way back to Washington.

Proposal to prevent the feminisation of male adolescents

Concerns that China’s young males have become “weak, timid, and self-abasing”.

Vaccine nationalism: Why it makes sense to share

This is not charity; it’s self-interest.

Joe Biden three times lucky

Only two weeks ago he faced a nightmare time in office

One shot now, one shot much later

In a pandemic, this radical measure is just common sense

Anti-abortion laws and radicalisation

Lesson: Stay away from the abortion issue. It will explode in your faces

Why Arab springs give way to winters

There have been lots of attempts at democratic revolutions in the Arab world too, but the good guys keep losing

Lab-grown meat: Salvation in a vat

People are very attached to eating meat and there’s no good substitute. Until recently.

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