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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

Herd immunity, reinfection and the Great Barrington Declaration

Declaration demands a return to ‘life as normal’ for everybody except 'the vulnerable'.

Democracy is not dead in Bolivia

Caretaker president for the past 11 months has been an extreme right-wing politician.

Climate change: brace for more catastrophes

Every global leader faces the same dilemma to a greater or lesser extent.

Miracle vaccine just what Trump needs

It would be a big deal if the US started distributing a vaccine that had not been properly tested.

Fear behind China’s residential schools

The guilty flee where none pursue.

Despite flaws, Ecowas a beacon of hope

It has become the second most effective regional organisation in the world.

Israel-UAE: Last days of the old Middle East

Power relationship defined by oil wealth, but the wealth is fading fast.

Trump bound to pull an October surprise

His only hope is to manufacture some really bad news.

A new Cold War? No sale

The idea that China is “the central threat of our times,” as Pompeo put it,  is laughable

A warning from Poland

Trump recognises a kindred spirit in Duda, whom he has met 11 times since 2017.

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