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BIO: Author, ‘Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)’

DYER: Haiti: The curse of history

‘Barbecue’ deadly serious about fighting a revolutionary race war against ‘the Arabs and the mulattoes’.

DYER: Hypocrisy and the ‘rules-based order'

The nationalists and the populists hate the very idea of a ‘rules-based order’, because it limits their ability to act ...

DYER: Israel vs the ICJ: Is this a waste of time?

Proving the crime of genocide is so hard that there are few convictions.

DYER: Israel held hostage – and Biden too

The only thing facing an existential risk is Netanyahu’s government, which would immediately collapse if the shooting ...

DYER: Abandoning the Sahel

We are seeing the final days of well-intentioned foreign interventions in Africa right now.

DYER: Long live the COPs!

In their current form they are a toothless wonder, but they still have value.

DYER: China: Has the moment arrived?

It has been obvious for years that the glory days of high-speed economic growth were over in China

What's at stake in Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Hamas wants the war to stop now because it has achieved both its major objectives.

DYER: Israel: Netanyahu and his ‘objective allies’

Their shared political goal is to thwart the famous ‘two-state solution’

DYER: Creating a free-fire zone in Gaza

While the strategy is almost bound to fail, it will probably kill fewer people than any other that the Israeli ...

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