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Remarks framed as Governor Mwangaza’s response to Ruto fabricated

The governor's remarks were not directed at President William Ruto.

Claims Murang’a Governor Kang’ata has banned miraa are fake

The Murang’a Governor has termed the claim as fake.

Digital card with remarks attributed to ex-MP Kioni

Kioni has not made such a statement as claimed.

Digital card stating Ruto won’t take part in re-run fabricated

The remarks, if factual, would have been covered by nearly all media houses.

It's fake! Deputy CJ Mwilu is not on Twitter

The fake account had 299 followers when it was flagged by Judiciary.

FAKE: Sakaja has not banned mkokoteni and handcarts in CBD

Sakaja was sworn in as Nairobi Governor on Thursday, August 25.

FALSE: Remarks attributed to Maraga on Supreme court declaring winner fake

The CJ has not said or posted such a message on his official media handles.

FAKE: Ngunjiri's reaction to Azimio defections fabricated

Ngunjiri has not posted such a message shared on the parody account.

FAKE: Ex-MP Mishra has not withdrawn any scholarship

Mishra served the Kesses constituency from 2017 to 2022.

FAKE: Peace message attributed to Bishop Oginde fabricated

The message attributed to Bishop Oginde is misleading.

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