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BIO: Journalist at heart, creative writer with a passion and with the drive of a producer

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How I figured screen time sparks kids’ mood swings

My toddler became tame after I reduced his screen time to zero

Is purchasing a home worth the sacrifices?

You struggle to acquire at the prime of your youth only for heirs to sell

It is in our nature to worry

We worry about our children even if they are having the time of their lives

Journalism under attack

Why the hashtag #RipNationMedia affects all of us

Toddler manipulation begins with the parents

Our children are learning emotional manipulation from us

Stop coming up with new ways to de-Kenyanise us

Expiration date on IDs seems like a crazy idea… because it is

Kenyan medicine costly but easier to get

You never miss Kenyan healthcare until you see bureaucracy abroad

Judge crimes as individual cases and not as a gender issue

Not every woman killed by a man did something to ‘incite’ his rage

The delicate transition from a diaper to a potty

Do not force milestones on your child if they are not ready for them

Alarming increase in femicide incidents

Trouble ensues when men feel entitled and women dependent

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