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Parental judgment is real

When people look at your child’s behaviour, your parenting is on trial

Africa's future is bleak with all the brain drain

More than half of my classmates from high school have migrated

The daycare contagion strikes again

Flu is the worst illness as it can spread to the whole household

The mask of Kenya's stability is wearing off

Increased fuel prices are just another step towards catastrophe

The toddler and the 10-hour flight

I have learned how to prepare for long flights

Let the young people live to their own potentials

High disinterest in varsity slots reflects generational differences

Parents need quality time away from the kids too

While the child is away, the parents will play.

Lessons from the Steve Harvey viral rumours

People keep themselves entertained at the expense of others.

Benefits of swimming for toddlers

Encourage kids to tap into their interests from a young age

Strict policies needed for social media

Regulation, not banning, is the way to protect minors from immorality

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