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BIO: Journalist at heart, creative writer with a passion and with the drive of a producer

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Why Father’s Day is the least appreciated holiday

While mothers toil every day, fathers often find home sorted

How comes no classmate of Sakaja’s is speaking up?

The mystery around Sakaja's degree belies social aspect of getting one

Focus on the little moments that make it all worthwhile

My son gives me the cheesiest smile, and it melts my impatience

Ukiachwa achika: The ex gone mad

Some people cling on then become melodramatic if snubbed

Chickenpox: Every mother’s nightmare

It's scary when baby contracts it before vaccination, but not a disaster

Why #Swedengate does not faze me

Swedish family trended for not sharing food with a visitor

Agony of sleepless nights when baby keeps waking up

It is an exhausting pattern, but one must soldier on

When putting yourself first is the only way forward

It is not selfish to take care of yourself first

Struggle to lose weight after giving birth

It is not as fast as people say, breeding insecurities about looks

Heard vs Depp: Death of #MeToo?

Even women who survived domestic abuse do not believe Heard

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