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BIO: Journalist at heart, creative writer with a passion and with the drive of a producer

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How hustler critique ignited social media storm

The way it was politicised shows how election will divide us in 2022

Why we should stop glorifying hustlers

Many hustle after failing to get jobs and do not become rich from it

Why you should not mix business with friendship

You are obliged to 'promote' friend's hustle, them to give you discount

Why Kenyans are resorting to bloggers for news

They love the sensationalism of bloggers unbound by media ethics

Anxiety of countdown to becoming a mother

Regularity of childbirth makes us forget how miraculous it is

Aftermath of Suluhu’s ‘flat-chested’ speech

Female leaders should avoid sharing personal opinions publicly

Rise above the captivity of negativity

The nation gives us grief but we fail to see the bright side while whining

Why we should stop whining and love our country

Even amid all our troubles, we are more advanced than most African nations

Why the Uber culture is slowly dying away

The war between drivers and taxi app companies is pushing clients away

How to get over burnout

The Kenyan ‘winter’ is compounding fatigue with routine

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