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Depression a fight that cannot be fought alone

Suicide is the second-highest cause of death among 15-29 year-olds

It is time to step out of shadow of coronavirus

We might end up living in a state of precaution for a long time to come

Aftermath of losing one’s livelihood

No matter how talented you are, economic crises will overshadow your worth.

Step into the future of younger generation

Some can download, instal and play games even before they can write

Open letter to employees

Dear employees, your job is expendable but you are not

Suicide of Bollywood actor a wake-up call

Depression affects even those with dream jobs and homes

The subtle art of agreeing to disagree

Opinions personal; no need to force people to conform to your way of thinking.

George Floyd murder rekindles 'Animal Farm'

The time is yet to come when society rises above its discriminations

Life lessons from how Muslims celebrated Idd

Celebration not dampened by lack of mass prayers or social distancing

Lockdown frustration at all-time high

A wave of protests is sweeping around the globe, starting from the West

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