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Kenyan women have coddled men

How? you may ask. Well, we stopped expecting anything from them.

You cannot silence me with sex

Until men are ready to hold each other accountable, the world a hard place to live in.

Dead beat dads, spare kids the pain

Life is too short to make all the mistakes by yourself. Learn from others.

Women were never meant to give men cash

It can never be well with a woman who decides to take the place of a man and be the provider.

Sadly, this truly is a man's world

Women just expect farts to be foul smelling—from men or women.

Prepare children to face the world

We must discuss with them what is real and what is not.

Money is woman's best friend

When a woman has money or access to it, she is not desperate.

To avoid heartache keep your ears open

We listen passively; we don’t marry words and actions. We just want to be well behaved and accepted.

Blame your mum, not the devil

Most of the things we suffer, we suffer because of denial and blame games. We refuse to see what is in front of us.

If she isn't your wife, you're asking for too much

Dear men, if she is not your wife, please do not ask for ungodly positions and actions.

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