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Joy and pain of working from home

The hardest part is taking stock of life. Life lived and yet to be lived.

Heal yourself to raise better men

No good thing comes from pain despite our best intentions.

How to know he’s wasting your time

You never know what new thing will threaten to wipe us out tomorrow.

Let's have the not so romantic talk before relationships

People have hated each other for things that would have been sorted with a discussion at the beginning.

If an African man likes you, he’ll feed you

We need to let go of western idea of love; relearn our own.

‘But I’m married’ is such a cliche

A greedy man will take a woman for a ride instead of marrying her.

Men are selfish, women should learn from them

Be selfish with your time and energy to achieve our goals.

There's strength in femininity

We've denied women, from the time they were girls, right to be feminine.

Being a bad father is your choice

Children are not stupid. They understand and see more than we realise.

Small sis, don’t waste your body

Youth comes but once in a lifetime.

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