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Modern dating: Chivalry is dead

Are there men who still take women to dinner and a movie or dancing?

How to survive cheating 101

Do not cry and beg. It is repulsing.

Bashing single mums hypocritical

News went around that the Super CS had declared war on them.

No trophy for ‘good’ women

Being a ‘good’ woman does not equate to a good life.

Get a man, life’s rough as it is

We really underestimate the power of having a man.

Wake up beauty, time to hustle

A woman must own something.

Live life on your own terms my girls

Read, travel, eat and sleep. Enrich yourselves spiritually.

Leaving a man? Go, and stay gone

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Women not the Devil incarnate

Think about it, where did apartheid, slavery, racism come from?

It’s your fault when he cheats

Hold your men accountable.

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