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Women not the Devil incarnate

Think about it, where did apartheid, slavery, racism come from?

It’s your fault when he cheats

Hold your men accountable.

Spare that woman the heartache

Please give her the right to choose, maybe she does not want to be a mistress.

Don't be bullied, make informed choices

You will toil and probably die early because of pressure-related diseases.

Woman, for heaven's sake, just do you!

"Live your life well so that we do not have to lie at your funeral."

A woman and her money are soon parted

So these days it is not enough to give a man your body and devotion.

Oh, how we cherish our designer looks

It's easy to spot a designer anything, especially with the way we wear it.

When a woman is fed up

Few women go into a marriage with plans of a divorce.

Ladies, steer clear of these jesters

Here's how to spot them from a mile away.

Why older women like eggplant

Dating younger, way younger, men (often broke) just does not make any cents.

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