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Reclaim the lost art of seduction

What happened to the courtship dance? When it all started with eye contact then a shy smile.

Dear Felly: Women have rights over their bodies

We need men to look at women as human beings. We have brains as you do.

Millennial men a disgrace to humanity

They have the most backward views on women and relationships.

Dear Felly: Should we experiment with sex before marriage?

We go wrong when we think there is a one size fits all road map.

Nairobi's facade of glitzy life falling away

We are constantly trying to impress people we don't know, worse still who don't care.

Dear Felly: Why not speak of fathers denied access to kids?

Co-parenting is usually easier if a man takes the lead, is sober and puts his kids first.

Women have a right to pleasure

Culture is not a reason to deny women pleasure. Neither is religion.

Dear Felly: Do you talk to your children about sex?

Be open. Depending on their ages, tell them as it is in age-appropriate terms.

Leave me and my vagina alone

Referring to it as inconsequential strips a woman of her humanity, femininity.

Dear Felly: Thank you for the reminder not to rush

You are someone’s child, someone’s little girl. Someone thinks you are precious.

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