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To avoid heartache keep your ears open

We listen passively; we don’t marry words and actions. We just want to be well behaved and accepted.

Blame your mum, not the devil

Most of the things we suffer, we suffer because of denial and blame games. We refuse to see what is in front of us.

If she isn't your wife, you're asking for too much

Dear men, if she is not your wife, please do not ask for ungodly positions and actions.

Being an African woman is a privilege

She wears layers of oversized skirts, petticoats and finishes it off with a leso

Do yourself a favour and be a man

Men worked, got money and married women who loved and respected them

Talk with your son too about sex

I am constantly saying to my son, do not be in a room alone with a girl

So what if she had a one-night stand?

Men who want ‘pure’ women should abstain from having intercourse, with women.

Today's woman is society's creation

In the old days, when women were like many men’s mothers, the men then played their roles

Jumping back into the dating game

Thou shall not be desperate no matter how old you get or how many babies you birth

Young girl, don’t rush to grow up

Young women should not rush to marry but should explore their potential

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