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OYUGA: Invention of independent woman

A few years ago, women were not independent. In some communities, cows were even more valuable

FELGONAH: Don't come to me for relationship advice

If you come to me looking for should I leave or should I stay relationship advice, you will get "wah wah wah…what will ...

FELGONAH: Looking for boyfriend? Do these

Look for men in their 50s. Be accessible as in, go where you can be seen and someone can say hi to you.

FELGONAH: Use technology to spice up dating, not kill it

If you put just a little thought into what you send someone, you may just be able to connect.

FELGONAH: So you’ve gotten over ‘fear’ of Luos

Growing up Luo meant hearing and trying not to internalise a lot of ignorant remarks. It didn’t stop in childhood.

FELGONAH: Religious people are wicked people

There is no more wicked person than one who professes religion. All. Even the ones waiting to marry many virgins in ...

FELGONAH: Wisen up, ignorance is not bliss

We keep yelling the future is female, maybe not in our lifetime for as long as we choose ignorance.

OYUGA: Sending fare culture gone bad

Men thinking they own you because of fare is ludicrous

FELGONAH: Let’s extend grace to one another

Human beings should all be held to the same moral compass or leave people alone.

OYUGA: So what if he cheats on you?

Many men do not marry the woman they love. They find the love of their lives after marriage

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