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FELGONAH: Woman, why does thou betray thyself?

This is not an easy road. Stand up for yourself though, every chance you get.

FELGONAH: Show empathy, people are facing a lot

People are going through very hard times. Maybe we could try and make life just a little easier.

FELGONAH: Be married and practical

No one should beat you black and blue. Nobody should enslave you in his home.

FELGONAH: Don’t fear living because of death

Don't be manipulated into situations that are less than ideal for you because “life is short”.

FELGONAH: We should sleep with anyone we want

Most women have lived and died never having had good sex. So yes, men, sex with you changes lives but not in the way ...

FELGONAH: Raise a child who'll thrive, not survive

Life may be tough but it cannot be conquered by abusing and neglecting children.

FELGONAH: Why abused women don't leave

Many women have been duped into thinking suffering quietly with grace is feminine and dignified.

FELGONAH: Be you, men have what they want

What do you want? That is what we must do ladies, what we want.

FELGONAH: Your man just needs a wife, be that

Why are you angry with your man because women are paid less than men?

FELGONAH: Goat Wife, support your husband

As many wives live in blissful ignorance, their men are crying, literally, their eyes out in other women'S bosoms.

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