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Mark of a true family leader

A man is the head of the home. But many want to be ceremonial heads

Be a true friend or walk away

You can get more out of life by making another person feel good about themselves.

Trigger phrases to give you pause

Women are good at pretending they are not ‘drama queens’ because they want the award—man.

Put some thought into your lies

Women, do not start anything until he has left with his body. The heart is where the body is.

Am I cut out for business?

The most important thing is sales. Forget all the frills.

Toxic positivity glorifies suffering

You were not put on this earth to accept suffering.

Playing boo boo the fool unbecoming

How to tell you are being groomed to be one.

Why do women find it difficult to pay for dates?

All human beings have masculine and feminine energy.

Dating younger: Age not just a number

No adult should be removing their clothes in front of children and laying down with them.

Dear Felly: My old mistakes keep being brought up

Please consider non-faith based counselling together and as individuals.

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