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Locked FELGONAH: How to tell your man is promiscuous

He invests just enough to keep you hopeful.

Locked FELGONAH: Mum put up with a lot, love her

I feel so bad that we did not allow them to feel bad and that they were not allowed to be dissatisfied.

Locked FELGONAH: It’s her right to set standards

We all have something we are looking for and it does not make you a gold-digger or vain.

Locked FELGONAH: Martha a victim of 2 selfish men

Had her husband been honest with her, he would not have driven her to the point of desperation.

Locked FELGONAH: Bullies hiding behind feminism

We are not fighting against men. We are not fighting to think the same. It is not a competition.

Locked FELGONAH: Man up and take care of your kids

This is not the time to tell us what type of a woman their mother is, you had time before and it did not matter. Why ...

Locked FELGONAH: A woman can also be gas cooker

If she wants you.

Locked FELGONAH: Oldies, chase after age-mates

All old men who sleep with young girls should look after whatever comes from that union—babies, greedy mothers-in-law, ...

FELGONAH: Hey guys, own your terrible choices

Women are not responsible for what you do. Actually, no adult is responsible for your bad actions or good ones for that ...

FELGONAH: The things women get wrong

They think they can keep a man by how they keep house and all their good manners and if they could just get skinny ...

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