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Zip it, Single mum not a Jezebel or husband snatcher

Be kind, she may be raising a great leader or simply because it is the right thing to do

Tis the season to become a public servant

This is the time you can innocently  go to the bar and leave as a political aspirant

2021 depends on what you bring to it

You can only be new if you change, otherwise, you will be begging the air for a better new year

Shame on you for trivialising rape

Rape has been used to deter women from running for office.

Sister, get a grip on your life

Have a bloody say. Do not get depressed and please do not start praying.

Why I’ll be wife number 5 in another life

First wife business is a major scam.

Social media etiquette 101

The online space has become a very active playing ground.

Help next generation of men

Let us get involved in young people’s lives.

Dear Maria, don’t waste your youth

Having children early is hard, marrying the wrong person when you are younger is even harder

Things that make me go hmm

Men need to stop telling women who are not their wives they want them to have their kids.

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