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Lessons on the art of American marriages

Short-lived marriages are refreshing not draining, Kenyan learns

Controversy in city causes fear in village

Makini learns through the grapevine of state jobs and Chinese projects

America, the perfect graveyard of marriage

Kenyan gets culture shock from high rate of divorce and remarrying

Eljibitikiu debate hits Jiji Ndogo

Man suspects wife of cheating when she supports the phenomenon

Not-so-funny American questions

Doctor becomes a spectacle as folks think Kenyans wear animal skins

Sophia will be the death of me

Detective work in birthday suits is too much for poor Makini to take

She asked why I’m single

Bachelor couldn't get some in marriage because of constant interruptions

Sophia goes too deep undercover

Sophia give suspect an offer he can’t refuse and Makini can't stand

Winter is coming

It all started with bachelor trying to impress a hot single mum

Of tall tales and loud confessions

New neighbour is not afraid to show off his wealth

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