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Neighbour wars rage in Jiji Ndogo

A chicken thief is on the loose but Sgt Makini is slow to catch on

Bachelor’s Diary: Stripper ruins groom’s party

One last night of fun before quitting the bachelor’s club takes dramatic twist

Slay queens: A ‘fisi’ and his money are soon parted

Men will spend a fortune to conquer that trophy woman, only to feel robbed later

Two phone calls, twice the bad news

Detective work is getting lonelier by the day for Sgt Makini

When mothers dump their newborns

The case of a dumped baby is brought to Makini's attention

Is there a cure for loneliness?

Sgt Makini is flying solo after Sophia left

Sophia quits the police force

She’s ‘free’ after lifelong search for father

When juicy court cases are dead on arrival

To prevent defamation, you need correct reporting, not none at all

Sophia confronts her mother

Family secrets can only be hidden for so long

No one wants to meet a ghost

Weird occurrence is blamed on witchcraft

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