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A herder and his sheep become one

Pastor falls into a trap after preying on a villager's wife

Happiness is overrated in quest for marriage

There is a lot of grinning, prancing and self-deluding pretence

The day I chose the wrong time for a bathroom break

Ever heard of a FUD? My date hit me with that

Shiny skeletons from the past

Childhood baggage rises to the fore in strained mother-daughter relationship

New love cancels old love it seems

A twist for the ages threatens to scuttle Makini's wedding plans

Out of the darkness comes a surprise

Sugar baby of man who chewed Viagra like githeri spills the beans

Can I get my kidney back?

Doctor never thought a threesome could lead to a divorce

New romance brewing in Jiji Ndogo?

One woman's meat is another woman's poison, it seems

Mama drama comes to Jiji Ndogo

Sophia's mother is in town for dowry talks, in all her needy booziness.

The boy who needed surgery

Things are not always what they seem.

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