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Bachelor’s Diary: Mamma mia!

Kids say the darndest things, but be careful how you react

Jiji Ndogo: Henpecked cop

Makini is forced to take up domestic roles after losing his job

Bachelor’s Diary: Dating tips

Safety first is the keyword, both physical and sexual

Out of jail but still in the woods

Makini tries to free fellow inmate after tasting freedom

Bachelor's Diary: Mother of all dates

Bachelor is getting too old for this dating thing

Jiji Ndogo: Set up by Sophia

Thirty years in Kamiti Maximum Prison is not a joke

Bachelor's Diary: Drunk in love

Fatigue and alcohol are a dangerous combination

Prison tales, the first edition

Everyone swears their innocence, but life can be cruel

Bachelor's Diary: My village crush

Bachelor raises eyebrows after kissing the bride

Jail is no place for a policeman

Sgt Makini is thrown in for killing six guys though he says it’s five

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