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With friends like mine, who needs enemies?

Ruracio invite goes off the rails as friend demands to share wife

Bachelor's Diary: Envied playboy

That beautifully strong feeling is only experienced once

Life goes on at Jiji Ndogo

At the hotel, shop and bar, people have moved on from the election

I’m either getting old or desperate for relationship

Fed up with one-night stands, bachelor tries a come-we-stay instead

Getting back to a new normal

Jiji Ndogo is impatient as hungry villagers demand new election

Bachelor's Diary: Come we stay

Just as with marriage, we should try before we buy

Supreme Court ruling baffles Jiji Ndogo

One mother named her child Constance Petition

Bachelor’s Diary: Who hurt you?

Heartbreak turned me from hopeless romantic to a carefree Casanova

Mixed feelings about our new MP

Voters feel abandoned as he is involved in the Supreme Court case

Bachelor's Diary: No kids, no problem

Cost of rearing, work demands, past trauma are valid reasons to opt out

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