Justus Kizito Siboe Makokha

Books/Plays Reviewer

BIO: Dr Makokha teaches Literature and Theatre at Kenyatta University

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Of Chinese, Kibakism and careers based on competency

Ngilandala Peki delights Bungoma village with his know-how

A tale of Kibaki legacies and Sino-Kenyan ties

Children born of Chinese road constructors remind us of his time

The parable of presence and absence

Some say that the absence of icons can cause consternation in a community where ignorance and ignoring others is a ...

Legacy of Easter lessons in everyday life

Mob justice survivor is testament to season of new beginnings

Even losers live to compete another day

Act of sportsmanship in popular game gives crucial life lesson

When the madness of a nation disturbs a solitary mind

Bungoma residents throng lunatic’s hub to hear tale of 2007-08 PEV

Like Easter, every war comes with eternal lessons

Cockerels fight to the death in the heat of Bungoma

Poetry is alive! Just you listen to the well cleaner

Long-ignored Naka P comes to mind as we mark World Poetry Day

A comedy of errors as we bid masks goodbye

In a village somewhere in Bungoma, the news is yet to reach the police

The cane of heaven and parable of a hustler

Mob justice leads to reflections on the musings of a suspect

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