Justus Kizito Siboe Makokha

Books/Plays Reviewer

BIO: Dr Makokha teaches Literature and Theatre at Kenyatta University

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Morning radio talk shows safeguard art of storytelling

They are a fusion of entertainment, information and oral storytelling

Beth Mugo’s history of empowering women feted

Speakers at her book launch revisited movement she inspired

Encounter with a pioneer Kenyan comic art champion

He is an icon in Kenya’s pop-art landscape for more than 40 years

Public libraries and theatres keep Nairobi ‘lit’

They act as sites of the capital city’s literary renaissance

Visions of Kenya ex cathedra

In Kenya and Nairobi, the most beautiful Art is not imagined. It is experienced. It is like Religion or Aesthetics.

Parable of the old man and the mountain

He narrated the night Mau Mau visited a village to fish for spouses

Anti-colonial war and the art of necromancy

Gray 'Murungaru' Leakey was slain by the Mau Mau

Legacy of Kwani Trust two decades later

It paved the way for Macondo, Nairobi’s biggest litfest today

August as the cradle of memories of Kenya

From coup attempt to transition from Nyayo era, it is rich with history

Micere Mugo of Africa and America: The Syracuse sequence

Burial site north of New York is akin to Kirinyaga, where she came from

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