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State to provide food to the needy

State urgently seeking sources of stape grains from any source.

Keep disrupted food markets afloat - UN

FAO says the poor and vulnerable will be the hardest hit.

Downpours wreak havoc across the country

Showers and thunderstorms to continue in different counties.

Millers raise alarm over aflatoxin maize in market

They say most of the maize farmers have did not dry properly due to rain

Ban wildlife trade to curb infectious diseases - firm

'Economic, human costs of outbreak due to the demand for exotic animal not worth paying'.


More than 150 farmers to benefit

A record drop in fertiliser prices as subsidy program discontinues for the second year

The e-voucher system will not be applied this planting season due to some logistical delays.

Kill wingless locust hoppers before they fly - PS

Desert-like conditions in the two counties are favourable for locust breeding.

Millers want state to allow maize importation

Allow maize imports to avert food crisis if the coronavirus outbreak worsens, says millers.

Food prices may increase if Covid-19 forces lockdown

Government told to start stocking the strategic food reserve in case the situation worsens

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