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Farmers urged to avoid synthetic fertiliser

Conventional agriculture does well in the first five to seven years then yields start reducing

Do you know where the food you eat comes from?

Milk contamination the latest in a string of revelations putting health in question

How dirt, drugs and toxins end up in the milk you drink

How the cow is treated and how milk is handled can lead to a toxic brew.

Why Raila changed tune on Galana Kulalu

Irrigation board and contractor have locked horns over the Sh7bn project.


Groups petition Parliament to outlaw use of harmful pesticides in the market

Maize is safe despite being stained, says NCPB

Board 'has not received official complaint' but some packets of 1.9 million bags are discoloured.

State team to look into pesticides, food safety

Agriculture CAS says farmers misusing pesticides, hence disease increase.

Unga prices yet to stabilise

A two-kilo packet of maize flour is currently selling at between Sh120 to Sh124.

Farmers urged to make own animal feed to reduce costs

Processors can't reduce production burden, to meet cost of milk transport, distribution.

Relief aid to be digitised from next year, says CS Eugene

SFR released 250,000 bags of maize to support 2.6 million Kenyans affected by drought till December.

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