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Government urged to reduce taxes levied on tea

KTDA says the levies minimises returns to farmers

'Post-harvest losses likely to increase due to El Niño'

Farmers should invest in proper storage facilities to reduce field yield losses.

Sh14.7bn deficit won't stop fertiliser subsidy - PS Harsama

Government has capacity to fix shortfall; two million bags distributed to farmers in 32 counties.

Lactose intolerant consumers can now buy plant based milk in the market

Farmers have been urged to produce soy and almonds as there is a ready market

Unga, sugar prices still up as Kenyans brave high cost of living

Cheapest unga in local supermarkets is Ajab maize meal brand retailing at Sh194

Farmers have paid Sh9 billion for subsidised fertiliser

Programme in limbo because the ministry has a deficit of Sh14.7bn for fertiliser.

Locked Breakthrough: Researchers find 80-year-old treatment for MDR bacteria

Drug resistance is an increasing problem in Africa and worldwide, but a forgotten antibiotic could help.

Sugar prices double to over Sh400 in a week

Some supermarkets are limiting consumers to buying only two packets of sugar

Diseases, pests to blame for 40% crop losses, says UN

FAO says climate change and human activities are also affecting plant health

State plans to reduce Sh120 billion imports on edible oils

Production of edible oils in the country is less than 40%

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