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Implement asbestos ban to save lives, state told

Environmental watchdog says dangerous material still used in thousands of homes, schools and commercial buildings.


The lawmakers say some particulars are not in the interest of the counties

Bills duplicate roles of agencies in Agriculture ministry, says lobby

Others seek to take over functions run by the national and county governments.

Small mature swarm of desert locusts sighted in Mandera — FAO

Control has been taking place and is no longer a big threat

We have enough food to last until April 2021 — Munya

Harvesting of maize in the North Rift region hampered by rains

Allow cane farmers to pick mills of choice, Munya tells governors

CS says a liberalised market is good for growers as companies will offer competitive prices.


Meant to increase farmers' revenues, do away with middlemen and brokers.

State to start reviving cotton ginneries

Currently, only seven cotton ginneries are fully operational, says AFA

Eastern gets 16.3 metric tonnes of Bt cotton seeds

Misunderstanding, suspicion, deliberate campaign to discredit benefits among challenges.


Rains in several parts of the country will be below average and poorly distributed.

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