Is Ruto ready to answer these hard questions?

Deputy President William Ruto and Kenya's High Commissioner to UK Manoah Esipisu after he arrived in London to deliver a talk at Chatham House. PICTURE REBECCA NDUKU/DPPS
Deputy President William Ruto and Kenya's High Commissioner to UK Manoah Esipisu after he arrived in London to deliver a talk at Chatham House. PICTURE REBECCA NDUKU/DPPS

Given that for the last six years we have either developed or not developed because of the UhuRuto leadership, will those pushing for Ruto’s presidency Ruto after Uhuru help us to answer the following questions?

This is given that another four years of UhuRuto will mean no slight matter for the country.

Indeed, given how serious top leadership is for our lives and children, not forgetting that leadership is the most serious responsibility on anybody upon whom we may place our destiny, should we not roll our sleeves and ask those with ambitions to govern, serious questions? And it is urgent. We must get the answers before we make anybody CEO of our country, if we do not wish to die of hunger, poverty, corruption and negative ethnicity that are slowly but surely engulfing us.

Starting with Ruto, the one most convinced that he is entitled to govern us, is he willing to accept human weaknesses that all of us have, and the responsibility for the failings of this government, as he should take

credit for any of its successes, however few?

Is he ready to accept that with better leadership, they could moved Kenya closer to the First World?

Will Ruto accept that our super highways are


almost empty due to mismanagement and near collapse of the economy for which he must share blame?

While we might not exactly know Ruto while he is Deputy President and therefore fashions himself more like Uhuru than himself, with what tools will he govern when he becomes president – dictatorship, money, ethnic division, persuasion or all the aforementioned?

If Ruto becomes President, will he be a nationalist or will he be an ethnic patriot seeking to govern by dividing Kenya with negative ethnicity?

Were the DP to be President, would he protect and develop the poor to whom he may not belong — though sharing roots — or will he rob the poor and kill them there as King Ahab killed poor Naboth and stoned him to death?

If he occupies the House on the Hill, will he protect and develop all ethnic communities equally or would he discriminate and favour some against others? And where blood of communities has been shed for the way they voted, would he support a process of national exorcism and healing where ethnic leaders would abandon their ethnic leadership, apologise for any blood shed because of their incitement and have people return all land and properties they may have stolen?

If Ruto were to be President, would he be a champion of democracy and human rights that he has not been or would he still remember the ways of YK92?

Were Ruto to occupy the high office, would he countenance increasing his wealth by corruption or would he surrender whatever he is accused of taking from other through misuse of office and be above suspicion like Caesar’s wife?

Will he be willing to be Joshua, forsake self-interest and take Kenyans from desert where all other leaders abandoned them to the Promised Land or would he give leadership its Kenyan definition that people lead to steal?

Will he govern with social democracy or would he govern with negative ethnicity, the ideology of genocide?

Will he detain and kill political critics, dissidents and opponents or will he protect to death the right of every Kenyan to criticise and change government peaceably?

Will the government belong to all Kenyans, including his opponents and critics, or only to him, friends, family and elites of his community?

Will he take his critics and opponents as enemies of the State to be jailed, detained and killed?

Were Ruto to vie and lose presidency in elections, will he hold any community responsible and have violence unleashed against it as if it were responsible for his defeat?

Were Ruto to be president, would he like President Mwanawasa of Zambia have enough humility to answer these questions or would he allow himself to be cheered by sycophants into ignoring them?