Is Laikipia invasion secretly tolerated?

A herdsman with cattle at a grassing field.
A herdsman with cattle at a grassing field.

'Nothing will be done until after the elections.'

This is the common refrain in Laikipia about the invasion of ranches and farms by 10,000 herdsmen and 135,000 livestock.

In Rumuruti last week President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the armed pastoralists should return home immediately. Instead they invaded the 44,000 acre Suyian ranch on Sunday.

Do the regional politicians behind the invaders believe that the President was just posturing?

Apart from the White Kenyan and international owners of the big conservancies, the people suffering most are the Kikuyu small farmers and farm workers in Laikipia.

Have their interests been sacrificed in the interests of Jubilee winning the Samburu and Pokot vote in the August election?

The government will no doubt describe that claim as outrageous, but why then is it not doing more to stop the invasions?

The 12 big conservancies estimate that they contribute over Sh2 billion to the Laikipia economy annually. Is this to be thrown away just to win votes?

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