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January 19, 2019

Palace Coup, Fake News, Donkey Cure: Your breakfast briefing

National Youths Services cleaning Kangemi market on January 7. /ENOS TECHE
National Youths Services cleaning Kangemi market on January 7. /ENOS TECHE

National Government taking over Sonko's functions over poor delivery

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko continues to wear a brave face even as the national government takes over key county functions following poor service deliveryREAD

Uhuru assents to Kenya's double-edged cybercrime law

Unless you have millions of shillings to pay fines or want to spend years in prison, do not think of forwarding a false report of the death of a prominent person or a photo of nude teenager landing in your WhatsApp inbox. READ

MCAs get an additional Sh1.7 billion for sitting allowances

Senators have allocated MCAs an additional Sh1.7 billion to cater for their allowances. This is in addition to the Treasury's allocation of Sh2.1 billion for the ward reps expenses. READ

NEMA exposes the dangers posed by quarries in Kenya

A report by the National Environmental Complaints Committee (NECC) says that quarry workers often expose themselves to dangerous chemicals in the highly toxic environment. READ

From beast of burden to a source of cancer, libido cures

What is transport means to the average farmer in Africa is a delicacy and miracle cure to health enthusiasts in the Far East. Their needs are on a collision course, and donkey hide is becoming the new ivory. READ

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