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January 18, 2019

Taxify launches Tuk Tuk app for Mombasa riders

Tuk Tuk drivers queue in wait for passengers at a Mombasa terminal in this 2015 photo. /FILE
Tuk Tuk drivers queue in wait for passengers at a Mombasa terminal in this 2015 photo. /FILE

Taxify, one of the fastest growing mobile taxi application, has now roped in Mombasa Tuk Tuk operators in its platform.

The three-wheeler motorcycles are the common means of transport in the Coastal counties of Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale.

The new category, launched on Thursday, is likely to incorporate a chunk of the close to 10,000 Tuk Tuks in Mombasa county.

The sector said to be worth Sh5 billion, is said to be supporting over 30,000 people directly.

Taxify, which has been offering cab services in major towns, said they have ventured into the sector having noticed a gap.

The taxi operator recently launched a mobile app for the boda boda operators in Nairobi.

Chisom Anoke, Taxify head of Kenya operations, said their main focus is to provide efficient transport service to people.

He spoke during the Taxify Tuk Tuk mobile application launch at City Blue Hotel in Mombasa.

"Our focus is primarily to make it easier for people to move around...we have decided to apply technology to make the Tuk Tuk industry more efficient."

Anoke said the Taxify App will not only benefit the passengers using Tuk Tuks, but also the drivers who would have signed up for the app service.

According to Taxify, a trip will cost a user Sh10 as base fare, Sh14 per kilometre and Sh3 per minute. The minimum fare will stand at Sh50.

Taxify said if a Tuk Tuk driver makes 150 trips per day, he is expected to make at least Sh2,250 income, which translates to Sh67,500 monthly.

Taxify has also promised to pay drivers bonuses for each completed trip.

Alex Mwaura, Taxify City manager Kenya, said all the drivers signing up with them have to possess a Class FG stamp on their drivers’ licenses.

They are also required with a copy of National Identity Card, measures that have been taken to ensure security and safety of the passengers.

A Tuk Tuk to be allowed in the App should also not be manufactured earlier than 2015.

The vehicles will also be required to have a National Transport and Safety Authority Inspection sticker and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) insurance cover.

"We have to ensure the safety of our clients and drivers. We want to have vehicles that are roadworthy with qualified drivers on the steering," Mwaura said.

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