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November 17, 2018

Super petrol to retail at Sh107.92 as pump prices go up yet again

A fuel pump machine, November 2017. /EZEKIEL AMINGÁ
A fuel pump machine, November 2017. /EZEKIEL AMINGÁ

Fuel prices have gone up in this month’s review by Sh1.62, Sh2.14 and Sh1.97 for super petrol, diesel and kerosene respectively.

Energy Regulatory Commission said a litre of super petrol will now retail at Sh107.92 in Nairobi, diesel will go for Sh96.96 while kerosene will retail at Sh76.75.

The prices will take effect from midnight, February 14 to midnight March 14.

ERC Director General Robert Oimeke said the increase was occasioned by the average landed cost of imported super petrol which went up by 4.10 per cent from USD 661.63 per ton in December to USD 688.76 per ton in January 2018.

"Diesel increased by 4.33 per cent from USD 568.82 per ton to USD 593.85 per ton and kerosene increased by 4.74 per cent from USD 616.51 per ton to USD 645.72 per ton," Oimeke said.

This is the ninth month that fuel prices have been increasing since the June 2017 review.

The prices in other major towns are as follows;

In Mombasa, a litre of super petrol will retail at Sh104.63, diesel Sh93.68 while kerosene will be bought at 73.98.

In Nakuru, super petrol will go for Sh108.61; diesel Sh97.86 and Sh77.59 for kerosene.

Super petrol will be sold at Sh109.79 in Eldoret, Sh99.04 for diesel and kerosene will retail at Sh78.68.

In Kisumu, motorists will pay Sh109.86 for super petrol, Sh99.11 for diesel while families that rely on kerosene for cooking will by a litre at Sh78.66.

In last month’s review, the price of super petrol jumped the most by Sh2.13 per litre, while diesel and kerosene costs increased by Sh2.39 and Sh3.36 per litre respectively.

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