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January 20, 2018

Calling for boycott is equal to ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’

Calling for boycott is equal to ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’
Calling for boycott is equal to ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua yesterday said the boycott on products called by NASA leader Raila Odinga is like “shooting ourselves in the foot”.

He spoke at the homecoming party of Mwingi Central MCA Mary Kanini.

Wambua said it is unfair to punish traders in opposition strongholds. “The bigwigs who were involved in the alleged election rigging and other malpractice should be dealt with, not the employees and other beneficiaries,” he said. “There are so many NASA supporters who will end up jobless as well,” he said. Wambua called for serious and deeper consultation on the boycot since many will suffer. He added that there are many people operating M-Pesa shops and many employed in the factories listed as being pro-Jubilee. “What will happen to them when they lose their jobs? Consider the  tough economic times we live in.” 

The senator urged the two leaders  in NASA and Jubilee to embrace dialogue since the country needs peace. Raila has reiterated the boycott, saying there are many ways to kill a cat.

He said the people should take instructions to boycott newspapers, TV stations, products and services in their bid for change in Kenya. “We start a battle for electoral justice where we have a credible election,” he said, and repeated that no election would take place so Kenya can be saved from dictatorship. Kitui Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau urged all leaders to work in unity.

He told residents they should not focus on what the parties are calling for if it compromises peace. Kitui county assembly majority leader Peter Kilonzo echoed Senator Wambua’s sentiments, saying Uhuru and Raila are not ready for dialogue. “They should be pushed to do so since the situation is hurting the economy,” he said. Others present at the homecoming party were Kitui woman representative Irene Kasalu and former Kitui Deputy Governor Penina Malonza.

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