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February 22, 2018

Omuchei to take over as KNUT chairman after Mudzo Nzili's exit

KNUT vice chair Wycliffe Omuchei and secretary general Wilson Sossion addressing journalists at KNUT headquarters on November 12, 2017. /JOHN MUCHANGI
KNUT vice chair Wycliffe Omuchei and secretary general Wilson Sossion addressing journalists at KNUT headquarters on November 12, 2017. /JOHN MUCHANGI

KNUT vice chair Wycliffe Etole Omuchei is set to be confirmed national chairman following Mudzo Nzili's retirement due in May.

Secretary General Wilson Sossion said the matter will be discussed on December 13 during the union's 60th annual conference in Mombasa.

He told journalists on Sunday that leadership in the union is apportioned for every region.

Sossion said the chairman position is moving to Western and Omuchei, who currently chairs the Vihiga branch, is the most suitable candidate.

"He has the means and minimum threshold to be KNUT chair. I have no doubts whatsoever delegates will confirm him as chair in December."

Sossion said the position of first vice chairman is also vacant and will be occupied by an individual from Central.

If Omuchei is confirmed, the second vice chairman position will also be vacant and will be given to a member from Coast.

"We expect delegates from those regions to give us competent individuals who can be voted into those positions," he said.

Omuchei was made the acting national chairman last week after Nzili was sent on terminal leave.

During the briefing, Omuchei said he joined KNUT leadership in 1992 and joined the national executive council in 2002.

"With that experience, I believe I have grown in the ranks of the union."

"I now present myself to Kenyan teachers and present my candidature for national chairman," Omuchei said.

He promised to support Sossion in the union's endeavours to protect the rights of teachers across the country.

"I will support you and I will create a viable environment for you to work," he said.

Sossion said outgoing national chairman Mudzo Nzwili took terminal leave according to the union constitution.

He said the union has practised this tradition since 1967 in line with its laws.

However, Sossion said any other official from Western could present themselves as candidate for the chairman's position.

He claimed Nzili had graciously accepted the terminal leave.

"In the union we have an orderly way of passing leadership. The constitution has to be enforced," the KNUT boss said.

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