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January 21, 2019

[VIDEO] Johnny English actress jets into the country for 10-day charity tour

Tasha de Vasconcelos on her arrival / HEZRON NJOROGE
Tasha de Vasconcelos on her arrival / HEZRON NJOROGE

International actress and supermodel Tasha de Vasconcelos is in the country on a 10-day tour.

The actress, also a UN humanitarian ambassador, arrived on Wednesday evening and will be making an extensive tour of the country on a mission to create awareness and launch projects on maternal mortality.

Tasha has starred in several blockbuster movies, including Johnny English, Fatal Attraction and Dot The I. She has also starred in several TV shows like Perfect World, Largo Winch, Relic Hunter 2 and Murder On The Orient Express.

Speaking to Word Is upon her arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Tasha said she was honoured and looking forward to her stay in the country.

”This is my first-ever visit to Kenya and I feel really privileged and I can’t wait to meet the beautiful people.”

During her stay in the country, Tasha will spend three days at the Ol Donyo Lodge in the Chyulu Hills and another four days at the Lewa Safari camp.

 In 2010, the actress was appointed Humanitarian Ambassador for the EU to combat poverty and social exclusion. She added another feather to her cap last year after being appointed as a UN Women Global Champion for Planet 50-50 by 2030.

“This my first tour of Africa since my appointment as a UN Women Global Champion and it’s such an honour to have Kenya as the first country to visit. I am elated,” Tasha said.

During her travel around the country, the supermodel is slated to launch several maternal mortality projects in Lewa.

Tasha is also the founder of Aide Mondiale Orphelins Reconfort (AMOR international), a humanitarian organisation that aims to reduce maternal mortality and help orphans and children worldwide through healthcare and education, especially in Africa.

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