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December 15, 2018

Firm introduces new solar tech in Western

solar panels
solar panels

The Solar Fire Concentration, a renewable energy firm, has partnered with World Vision and Wärtsilä, a global leader in advanced technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for energy markets, to introduce a new solar technology in Western Kenya.

The results of the GoSol pilot project have proved successful, with one bakery and a women’s group producing peanut butter using the solar devices and technology since summer of 2016.

The GoSol project is now expanding with the support of its new sponsor Wärtsilä. After Kenya, GoSol will replicate the project in Tanzania.

Wärtsilä will provide three communities with oven and fish dehydrator. The company will start producing the device next year.

“GoSol’s low-cost technology is part of the solution to prevent adverse effects of climate change,” CEO Eva Wissenz said.

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