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February 16, 2019

Big blow for Nyamira county as MCAs reject corruption report

A section of Nyamira MCAs led by Bomwagamo’s Julius Nyanganai (in a white shirt) clash in the county assembly on Wednesday / BENSON NYAGESIBA
A section of Nyamira MCAs led by Bomwagamo’s Julius Nyanganai (in a white shirt) clash in the county assembly on Wednesday / BENSON NYAGESIBA

Nyamira county assembly members on Wednesday afternoon rejected a report implicating county officials in embezzlement of funds dealing a blow to the war on corruption.

The public investments and accounts committees detailing corruption in the county, recommended the removal of two executives and cleared two others others.

In the report, it was recommended that former Roads executive Kefa Osoro currently heading the Water docket, his former chief officer Ernest Mokua, Andrew Ombati who served as Water executive take full responsibility. Peter Omwansa of Youth and Sports and John Omanwa of Trade were cleared by the committee.

The MCAs voted by acclamation to reject the report, which also recommended that action be taken against other executives involved.

Before rejecting the report, the MCAs engaged in a heated debate which saw speaker Joash Nyamoko eject Ekerenyo ward representative Thaddeus Nyabaro from the assembly.

Nyameino Atuti, Andrew Magangi, James Sabwengi, Samuel Nyanchama, Alfayo Ngeresa, Nyabaro, Robinson Mocheche, and Benson Sironga were among those who rejected the report saying it is malicious, shoddy, biased and inconclusive.

The MCAs who supported its adoption are Ezra Mochiemo, Beauttah Omanga, Zipporah Osoro, Boniface Ombori, Wilkista Onsando, Fred Menge, Peter Maroro, James Mating’a and Theresa Nyaanga.

Omanga asked Governor John Nyagarama to dissolve the entire cabinet. “It is rotten. The governor should constitute it afresh as its members are currently being investigated,” Omanga said.

Mochiemo, the PAC chairman, and PIC's Maroro said the decision to reject the report had dealt a blow to the war on corruption and implored members to pass it.

“We have spent millions of taxpayers' money to investigate and come up with this report. Let us not introduce trivial issues,” Maroro said.

Mochiemo said the image of the assembly depends on their decision to pass or reject the report.

“Our image as an assembly is at stake,” he said dismissing reports of bribery as propaganda.

Onsando also defended the report. “We made our recommendations on the strength of the evidence we received. We invited those implicated to defend themselves,” she added.

This is the second report to be rejected by the assembly. Last year, the MCAs rejected a report by a select committee of the assembly.

However, speaker Nyamoko said: “All is not lost. We are going to forward the report to the governor to study it and decide whether to act or not,” he told reporters.


Fact file BY Angwenyi Gichana

Nyamira county government has been plagued by allegations of corruption. Last year, Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama shuffled four executives and two chief officers who were implicated in alleged embezzlement of county funds. A report clearing them was later rejected by the assembly. Four MPs – Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba), Alice Chae (woman representative), James Gesami (West Mugirango) and Charles Geni (North Mugirango) – also called for an audit of the county alleging massive corruption. However, the governor dismissed the claims of corruption saying the claims by the MPs were malicious. Last year, there were reports that the county built a hospital gate at Sh7 million. Recently, EACC arrested a procurement officer but was released and is yet to appear in court. The MCAs rejected the report after claims that some were compromised.

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