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February 20, 2019

Angie Hallard's Fashion Tips for 2016


Angie Hallard is the proprietor of a series of shops in several Nairobi balls that sell a variety of fashion items called Kache By Angie.

She sources a lot of her items of clothing from Europe and is well conversed in happening trends. Her fashion philosophy is holistic and provides everything that a fashion forward dresser would need.

This year, she states that chokers are back in vogue; these neck accessories are ideally shorter with beads to bring out an air of sophistication.

Shiny bracelets made from Swarovski crystal are a new popular accessory to wear on your arms. And not only bracelets, shiny also applies to clutch bags and shoes.

With earrings, the new trend is long and shiny with colourful stones affixed.




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