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February 18, 2019

5-Minute-Interview: As a politician, I would point people to Jesus


I am good at…..ironing men’s clothes.

I am bad at…………gossiping.

The last book I enjoyed reading is...Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White. 

A common misconception of me is….I am slow in making decisions.

The most surprising thing that happened to me is….God provided my fees during my primary and high school years.

One of my worst childhood fears was….taking medicine.

I wish people would take more notice of…..the urgency of the second coming of Jesus.

My ideal night out is….with my wife out of town.

In moments of weakness I…..share it with God through prayers.

In another life I would have been……an engineer.

The best age to be is…20s. 

The best part of my job…. When my boss delegates tasks to me with lots of trust in my work.

My idea of perfect happiness is…..Seeing young people making radical decisions to faithfully serve God.

Living leaders I most admire are….Author Ben Carson and PLO Lumumba.

My greatest achievement is….Being number one in 2005 Mathematics contest held at Ombogo Girls High where our key competitors were from national high schools like Orero Boys yet ours was a lowly ranked high school

If I was a politician….I would ensure that I point my followers to Jesus Christ

My greatest regret is…..I did not have an opportunity to share with my late dad the message about Jesus Christ.

Favourite Author….Ellen Gould Harmon White

One thing that I would change about myself…..I would want to have more prayerful attitude.

If I was to die in 5 minutes my last words would be…..Have faith in God and pray for the faith of Jesus Christ. Be Forever Faithful.


Victor Odiwuor Otieno is a Lecturer at Zetech University.

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