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February 22, 2019

Matiang’i roots for harmony in curriculum management

FIRM: Education CS Fred Matiangi
FIRM: Education CS Fred Matiangi

Education cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i wants officials from his ministry and that of Teachers Service Commission in the field to work together in managing schools.

Matiang’i said effective management and execution of the educational policies and programmes at school level suffer when each worked without collaborating with each other.

He was speaking in a meeting with the officials of the Education Standards and Quality Assurance Council (ESQAC) at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development on Tuesday.

Matiang’i said successful education was founded on policy, effective management and execution structure.

“TSC directors should not meet head teachers separately from the meetings country directors of education have with head teachers,” Dr Matiang’i noted, saying holding separate meeting confused the very people they supervise for a common purpose.

“What matters is the result, the outcomes of education and that the kids are being taught,” Matiang’i said.

He said there is a need for adoption of creative and innovative techniques in ensuring standards and maintaining quality in institutions of basic education.

Acting Deputy Secretary for TSC, Simon Kavisi, said TSC will collaborate with the ministry of education officials to ensure the ministry achieves the objectives and goals of education.

He said the role of TSC is to provide the right personnel to implement the curriculum at the school level.

He said TSC will collaborate with the ESQAC to ensure that unqualified people don’t enter classrooms.

KICD CEO Dr Julius Jwan underscored the role of ESQAC in the effective management and delivery of the curriculum, saying they helped resolve the problems of implementing the curriculum by providing the right interpretation of the syllabus.

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