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September 22, 2018

Festival of Friendship opening ceremony

Anika Billing and Simran Billing.
Anika Billing and Simran Billing.

On Friday evening, the Aga Khan Sports Club, Parklands was the venue of the Festival of Friendship games grand opening ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted by Festival of Friendship member Mohan Varsani and Kamal Kantaria as the Sunni Punjabi, Ismaili, Oshwal, Cutchi and several other communities came together to celebrate the spirit of play and sportsmanship.

The torch lighting ceremony, where all the participating communities conducted a march on the field to light the torch marked the opening of the games.

The guest of honour was Feroze Nawrojee, chairman of the Asian African Foundation Trust. Anees Rahimtullah, the chairperson of the Festival of Friendship was also in attendance.

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