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Uhuru should get full security detail

Uhuru should still be provided with full security even if he is not entitled to retirement benefits because of his ...

Stop water extraction around Ondiri swamp

Just stop encroachment and water extraction from Ondiri swamp and save Sh900 million from the management plan.

Kaya elders must plant traditional forest trees

Kaya elders should only plant traditional tree species from their own forests in their environmental conservation ...

Raila should accept he lost the election

The Vanguard Africa whistleblower report is a forgery, according to Charles Hornsby, so Raila should move on and ...

Close changaa dens as well as night bars

DP Rigathi Gachagua should crack down on all brewers and sellers of crude alcohol or changaa in Kenya as well closing ...

Exam results raise more questions than answers

Good grades must be earned through hard work and honesty, not by cheating.

Death penalty should be abolished in Kenya

It is time to abolish the death penalty for convicted criminals in Kenya.

Kenya needs enquiry to reduce confusion

A commission of enquiry is the only way to stop the confusion caused by Raila's repeated allegations of rigging in the ...

Vanguard must release poll rigging evidence

It is time for Vanguard Africa to release the evidence of its IEBC whistleblower that results of the August 2022 ...

Don't let KCSE grade hinder you in life

In Kenya, you can work your way from artisanal level to PhD.

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