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Pay every Kenyan Sh2,000 per month

The best stimulus package for the economy would be to pay every Kenyan adult Sh2,000 every month through mobile money

Cremation may be better than burial

In the end, we all move from "dust to dust", whether by cremation or burial.

We shouldn’t complain about cancelled events

We should support measures to control the spread of Covid-19 to avoid more regulations.

Mitumba ban is a bad idea coming at the wrong time

The mitumba ban will neither boost the local textile industry not protect the health of Kenyans. The ban will just make ...

All lenders, not just China, should reschedule loans

So Kenya can meet huge costs of social protection and a stimulus package.

Removing fuel taxes could boost economy

Reducing the tax on fuel would reduce the cost of essentials until government is ready to provide an economic stimulus ...

Legal powers needed to take over schools, hotels

Government may soon need the legal authority to commandeer schools and hotels as quarantine centres

Economic stimulus package needed desperately

Uhuru needs to reassure businesses, employers and employees through a economic stimulus package

Top 5 @ 5

The stories making headlines on the Star this evening.

Coronavirus is real but public still taking it lightly

The government's focus must now target ordinary Kenyans ignorant about Covid-19

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