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Protect yourself to avoid Indian surge

Kenyans should keep protecting themselves against Covid with masks and other measures now that the more infectious ...

Sell off Mumias as quickly as possible

Government urgently needs to dispose of Mumias Sugar Company to a new investor or manager because otherwise squatters ...

Suluhu, Uhuru should reopen single market

The state visit of President Suluhu to Kenya offers an opportunity to revitalise the flagging single market of the East ...

Don't drop Covid guard despite restrictions ease

Each one of us must be responsible and not let down our guard lest we end up like India.

Justice Koome should avoid state capture

Justice Martha Koome is a worthy candidate for Chief Justice but she should remain independent and steer clear of any ...

DST should only apply to foreign companies

The new Digital Service Tax will end up punishing digital start-ups in Kenya rather than hitting the giant offshore ...

Somali factions must accept AU mediation

The Somali opposition and President Farmaajo should accept mediation by the Africa Union to avoid slipping back into ...

Relatives should not just inherit the seat

In a modern democracy, political parties should search for the most capable candidate rather than just settling on a ...

The News Brief: Covid taught me power doesn't matter

Here is your summary of stories making headlines in the Star.

State actions must be based on sound law

Government must carefully weigh its actions, decisions to avoid going against letter and spirit of the law.

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