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Shamba system bad for the environment

Bringing back the shamba system will be an environmental disaster and anyone invited to be Environment CS should refuse ...

Ruto should keep best technocrats

President Ruto should keep the best technocrats from the previous administration so that they can provide continuity ...

MPs shouldn't keep plenary allowances

MPs shouldn't be allowed to ignore SRC to restore plenary allowances removed in July.

Azimio should focus on leading opposition

Azimio should concentrate on building an effective opposition rather than fighting for temporary positions like Leader ...

Drought situation needs urgent attention

Almost half of the country is already facing food insecurity and this might worsen.

Fuel subsidy unsustainable

The fuel subsidy was unaffordable and had to go, even if it increases inflation and hurts the 'hustler'.

Credit rating system might be much better

Ruto's proposed credit rating system may increase lending by banks who will be better able to assess risk with a more ...

Ruto needs to prove the doubters wrong

President Ruto inherits a lot of economic and political challenges but it is now time for him to prove all the doubters ...

Kenya can't afford to resume subsidies

Subsidies are unaffordable and distorting. The best way to reduce income inequality is to invest in free health and ...

Speakers should remain politically independent

The new Speakers should concentrate on the interests of the Legislature in its separation of powers

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