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Dubai should accept flights from Kenya

Dubai and UAE should allow flights from Kenya to resume because Covid is no worse here than in the UK and because of ...

County should build large dhows in Lamu

Lamu County government should commission two large wooden dhows or 'water buses' to improve public transport and keep ...

President's ban on scrap metal trade timely

Syndicates target infrastructure projects, damaging projects, risking residents' safety.

IEBC must not let public down

The IEBC must live up to the expectations of the majority of the general public who believe that the August 2022 ...

DPP should probe Yala River murders

Police should investigate and prosecute who was responsible for the River Yala murders, even if it was one of their own.

Public opinion: The main currency in representative democracies

Radio Africa will finance and conduct the surveys monthly and will publish the surveys every month

Radio Africa to publish monthly opinion polls

The opinion poll publications shall adhere to all the provisions of the Publication of Electoral Opinion Polls Act.

MPs should legally abolish oil subsidy

Government should not promise to pay a fuel subsidy to oil marketers if it cannot afford to do so.

Siaya has let down trapped miner

Okwach’s fate is living proof politicians don't care at all.

Only punitive action will resolve pending bills impasse

Parastatals owed contractors and suppliers Sh323bn as of June 2021 while ministries owe Sh53bn.

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