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Enforce police roadblocks, or remove city lockdowns

The lockdowns of Mombasa and Nairobi are futile if citizens bypass police roadblocks using panya routes

Development will come from the countryside

Invest in rural areas and create jobs for young people and markets for local manufacturers.

Mediation Bill will bring justice faster

It would speed up justice in Kenya if civil suits first went for arbitration as proposed by the Mediation Bill 2020

Tanzania going backwards on freedom of expression

The danger of cracking down on freedom of expression in Tanzania is that it becomes permanent.

Fix IEBC transmission problems before 2022

Most of the IEBC's problems in 2017 were technical but they have not yet been fixed for lack of resources.

Dealing with locusts needs international cooperation

The successful campaign to eradicate locusts in the Horn of Africa demonstrates the need for international cooperation

State eroding democratic gains

Judiciary and Legislature under siege, hallmarks of one-party state perfected by Kanu regime.

New anti-corruption rules are very positive

The new law will help crack down on corruption but should not be abused to neutralise political opponents

Not wrong to take Uhuru, Raila photos

On the night of June 1, President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga visited road improvements in the CBD

Kenya should represent Africa on Security Council

African countries should not back down from their choice of Kenya for the UN Security Council despite Djibouti's ...

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