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The Star Knowledge Hub: February 27, 2021

Just how knowledgeable are you about Kenya and most things Kenyan?

Ordinary politicians should not get priority vaccination

The only politicians who might be considered for priority vaccination are the President and his Cabinet ministers.

Civic education needed before BBI referendum

Comprehensive civic education is needed in the next few months to ensure that voters make reasoned and informed ...

Sickness benefit should not be just for cancer

A welfare state would provide sickness benefits to all Kenyans unable to work, not just to those suffering from cancer.

Let's not abolish boarding schools

Day schools have their advantages but it is too early to abolish boarding schools, especially because they offer time ...

Railway land demolitions inhuman

The manner in which the project is being executed leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The Star Knowledge Hub: February 20, 2021

Just how knowledgeable are you about Kenya and most things Kenyan?

Fuel tax equitable way to satisfy IMF

The fuel tax may be the most equitable way to meet the IMF demand to widen the tax base as everyone has to pay it and ...

Counties mustn't phase out extension officers

Extension officers are better able to assist farmers than a call centre that may be difficult to reach and to explain a ...

Funerals should not be politicised

Families, like the Nyachaes, and clergy should insist that politics is kept out of funeral ceremonies

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