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Curfew no longer serving purpose

With vaccination now underway, the government should lift the curfew to give the economy the much-needed push.

Nicknames on ballot could discredit polls

IEBC should strictly control the use of nicknames on ballot papers to prevent candidates using crazy names just to draw ...

Nairobi governor does not need official house

The Sh20 million to be spent renovating a house for the Nairobi Governor in Lavington would be better spent providing ...

The News Brief: Team behind Raila campaigns in Ruto's turf

Here is your summary of stories making headlines in the Star.

Kenya, Somalia should share disputed triangle

Kenya should recognise Somalia's sovereignty over the disputed maritime triangle in exchange for an agreement for the ...

EDITORIAL: Plainclothes police occasionally needed

Citizens should only cooperate with plain clothes police officers after they have identified themselves with their ...

Don't criminalise Public Relations

It is unnecessary and unenforceable for the PR Society of Kenya to make it an offence punishable by a fine of Sh500,000 ...

Curfew shouldn't be selectively enforced

The curfew extension may be necessary to defeat Covid but it should not be selectively applied. It is unfair that some ...

Uhuru, Ruto should meet for a cup of tea

Kenyans would be reassured if President Kenyatta and DP Ruto could meet for a cup of tea and a photo opportunity - even ...

Deploy voter registration resources fairly

There should be no underhand schemes to give some areas or candidates undue advantage.

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