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Time to open debate on legalising bhang

The popularity of Prof George Wajackoyah means that it is time to open a serious debate about whether to legalise ...

It's impractical to give Mau to Ogiek

It's not practical to hand over the Mau Forest to the Ogiek as it is Kenya's main water tower, their numbers have ...

Heads must roll if transmission fails

The IEBC must be held accountable if satellite transmission fails on August 9 following its decision not to award the ...

Are educated politicians better than uneducated?

An urgent legal review is needed of the educational qualifications for political candidates because it is not clear ...

Voters be sceptical about social media

Voters should be very sceptical about what they see and hear on social media, and do their best to make up their own ...

Safari Rally lived up to its billing

It has been a godsend to the economy of Nakuru in terms of revenue generation.

Munya right to scrap tax on miraa exports

Government should not impose any export tax on qat/miraa or indeed on any Kenyan export crop.

Is this IEBC suit a misunderstanding?

The IEBC needs to clarify on how voters will be identified at polling stations because there seems to be a ...

Kenyans need to be double-vaccinated

Kenyans needs to get fully vaccinated and get booster shots now that Covid-19 is again sweeping through the country.

Let the Kenya shilling float against US dollar

The CBK should let the Kenya shilling depreciate until supply matches demand.

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