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What is carbon and cash cost of COP28?

Maybe Kenya should be more like Eritrea whose total delegation is just seven people, including officials.

State shouldn't subsidise loss-making companies

Government should sell off all state companies which lose money and which are not monopolies.

Koome must tame shameless traffic cops

The corruption cartels in the police service are far more vicious and ruthless for Ipoa to handle.

Do you support Raila’s call for a referendum?

The 2010 referendum cost Kenyans Sh10 billion while Sh4 billon was spent in the 2005 plebiscite.

Cost of living crisis is global

The cost of living crisis is global but the Ruto government must still find a political solution.

Do you think it is fair for Kenyans to continue paying house levy?

A High Court in Nairobi on Tuesday declared the housing levy unconstitutional.

Accept housing levy is unconstitutional

Government should not appeal the High Court ruling because the Housing Levy is unpopular and unfair as well as ...

KPC charges need to be carefully regulated

It is a good idea to sell off parastatals where the private sector provides the same service but care must taken with ...

2022 election result can now be settled

It is a good idea to audit the 2002 presidential election results although it is unlikely to change anything because no ...

Address private, public schools imbalance

Private schools spend more money per learner. Government spends just Sh1,420 per public school pupil per year.

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