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Envy is an ugly thing

What most of us lie to ourselves about is that we have agency

Low expectations key to happiness

It is not giving up hope for good things but more like managing expectations.

The sounds that we now hear

A lot of people around the world don't want to hear the inner voice.

What walls say about those who build them

A good example is racism. Why is it still even a thing?

Let go of the old, embrace the new

See the possibility in uncertainty.

Covid-19 crisis opens our eyes

We’re no longer occupied with nonsense, meaning Kenyan politics.

Redefining what work is

This idea of constantly working at home like we ‘fake work’ at the office is a dated way of thinking

What life will be like after Covid-19

There will be a much more heightened awareness of good hygiene in society.

Fear a commodity, no need to buy it

It is in marketing and politics the most where fear is a commodity.

Too much choice can be troubling

More choice leads to paralysis and high expectations unlikely to be met

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