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What life will be like after Covid-19

There will be a much more heightened awareness of good hygiene in society.

Fear a commodity, no need to buy it

It is in marketing and politics the most where fear is a commodity.

Too much choice can be troubling

More choice leads to paralysis and high expectations unlikely to be met

Passion is grim; entails suffering

  • You can’t stop passion, or switch it off, tone it down, refrain from it.
  • Not until you feed its ...

Employer, meet disruptive talent

If you want your firm miles ahead, you'll need a different kind of talent.

It does matter whether you’re black or white

Being black makes it harder to be believed, respected, to be thought capable.

The real reason people text rather than call

Messaging gives them control and allows them to compose themselves

Your inner self and what lies within

The answers that you seek are all within you

Isolated? How Ruto woes could be Uhuru ploy

Ruto will be unburdened by Jubilee failures, endorsement jinx in 2022

Famous movie quotes and a quip

Don't be fooled by misdirection by our rulers

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