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Missed your 2019 goals? Don't fret

Self-doubt is a silent killer of confidence you should shun

Desperate hunt for greener pastures

Curious case of the stowaway is the tip of the emigration iceberg

Kenyans’ love affair with abbreviations

There’s a time and place for abbreviating and many Kenyans seem oblivious to that.

Lies that are unforgivable

Isn’t it stupid to put all your truths in jeopardy over small lies?

Expectations are the root all unhappiness

• They have a knack for kicking you in the teeth

Why you should take time to meditate

It helps you see the world anew and discard petty frights from your mind

Why your current life status is not definitive

What we are today is not telling of what our legacy will be

Why you're not yet an adult at 18

• Research has found that in most people, the brain does not fully mature until age 25

Smartphone troubles hustlers will relate to

Your dreams should be bigger than what you can afford

How clueless clients frustrate creatives

Knowing what you don’t want is not a choice; it’s an excuse not to choose

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