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WATCH: Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022: Spain squad analysis

The Star sports writer William Njuguna analysis of the Spain national team.

How to get tenders — procurement boss

Many SMEs and informal businesses are caught napping by opportunities

EXPLAINER: To impeach the president

Removal of the President by impeachment is set out in Article 145 of Constitution.

Perspective: What new is the BBI offering that the constitution isn't

What is the BBI offering that the current constitution isn't offering?

Perspective: KRA hits informal sector with Patriotism tax

Small businesses to keep records to to verify turnover tax when KRA comes calling.

You can't solve Kenya's issues through anger - MP Kuria

Opinions of Kenyans who are in disagreement with the BBI report should be considered

Perspective: The source of Kenya's heavy downpour

Rains to last till the end of the year, could cause death and destruction

EXPLAINER: What is a supplementary budget?

Tool used by Treasury to align what has been spent prior to parliament's approval.

Perspective: Jubilee stadia pledge or joke

The Jubilee government hasn't constructed even one stadium.

The spotlight on writing a will

Disputes could be avoided where there is a valid will.

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