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February 24, 2019

I was a reluctant star during ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ — Ikumu

Teenage sensation Sarah Ikumu received a 'Golden Buzzer' on 'Britain Got Talent' two years ago, but she says at first she was hesitant to go for the auditions.

“My mum and I did not like me go for the auditions because for me, I have never liked competitions, and so it took me some time before I could join, but I did finally,” Sarah, now 17, told Word Is on Friday.

Unlike most children, Sarah says when she was a young girl, she used to play with singing instruments and not other toys.

How was it like performing in front of well-known harsh judge Simon Cowell?

“First there was tension, especially because of well-known ‘harsh’ judge Simon Cowell. I knew he was tough,” she said, adding that she was not mostly thinking about the crowd but mainly about her voice and if it was going to stay the whole time.

Sarah started performing in public at the age of five years. “My first audience was the church, where my father was ministering, and the congregation was amazed by my voice and my courage,” she said.

Did she expect to receive the attention she got from Kenyans after the performance?

“Even during the auditions, I had only told my friend, cousins and my parents because I did not know I would make people that happy. I was so shocked by the huge comments coming from Kenyans telling me they are proud of me,” she said.

She is also looking forward to performing for a national event and share her talent with Kenyans as well.

“The most challenging thing about singing is that I cannot drink or eat anything because I have to make sure my voice is okay. Sometimes it is also a challenge when I have a cold and my voice changes,” she said.

Sarah Ikumu is hoping to release her songs this year.

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