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January 20, 2019

EDITORIAL: Sonko should appoint full management team

Governor Mike Sonko at his office. /GPS
Governor Mike Sonko at his office. /GPS

The leadership team of Nairobi county is seriously depleted. 

On Monday Education executive Janet Ouko quit to pursue other interests. There should be 10 county executives but there are now only five in place.

To make matters worse, there is still no Deputy Governor, 16 months after the election.

Nairobi is the capital city and needs to be properly run to show Kenya in the best light. It needs a full management team but Governor Mike Sonko appears reluctant to make the necessary appointments.

The governor should realise that having a deputy governor and 10 executives will not undermine him. He will get the credit if the county is run well, even if he is not the one doing the work. He will be more likely to get reelected in 2022.

Legislation is likely to come to Parliament soon to create a metropolitan authority. By delaying these appointments, Sonko is only incentivising the central government to meddle in Nairobi county management.

It would be in Sonko’s best interest to appoint a deputy governor and five more executives immediately.

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