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January 21, 2019

Back local artistes, urges Nyashinski

Nyashinski. /MOSES MWANGI
Nyashinski. /MOSES MWANGI

Kenyan musician Nyashinski has maintained that upcoming local artistes need to be heard and motivated.

"More artistes need to be heard, not every time Nyashinski and Sauti Sol's songs being played," the singer told Word Is on Monday.

The Malaika hit maker started a heated debate on Monday after he shared a video online calling out Mseto East Africa host Mzazi Willy M Tuva for not supporting local talents.

"Mbona hiyo video inaishia hapo? Hakuwa anajua msanii wa Kenya hata mmoja? Kuna utiaji flani hapa. Bado home ni Kenya boss. Utarudi tu," Nyashinski captioned the video.

"The aim was not to criticise but to have a progressive conversation to know what we can do for our music industry, especially those who will come after us, coz I won't be there forever," the singer said. 

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