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January 21, 2019

Series Review: 2019 television preview


As good as 2018 was, it brought with it bittersweet memories of saying goodbye to some of our favourite shows. However, 2019 brings with it a promise of an even better television experience. From an array of new series set to premiere this year to the dramatic continuation of previous shows, I can honestly say TV watching is about to be bigger and bolder than ever!

First and foremost, the nail-biting anticipation of the continuation of the hit series ‘The Crown’ continues, as show runners failed to launch the series before Christmas, as is tradition. For the third season, the show is set to cover the middle ages of the Queen, that is, early 60s to the late 70s. To achieve a truly middle-aged look, the show has changed the entire cast of ‘The Crown’. This means season three and four will be played by a new set of actors. Olivia Colman will play the regal Queen, while Helena Bonham Carter will portray her fiery sister Princess Margret. 

Speaking of the royals, the most beloved British TV show, ‘Downton Abbey’, is wrapping up the story in a film. I wonder why, as Julian Fellows, the creator, had laid the characters beautifully to rest in our minds in the final season of the show. Nevertheless, ‘Fellows’ finds that there is a need for us to have complete closure with the characters and we can’t to wait to see what it is. 

Another exciting show to come out of Great Britain is a true-life story of a man by the name Dominic Cummings. While none of us may know who Cummings is, as it turns out, he is the one man behind the infamous Brexit move. The TV film, titled ‘Brexit’, will star Benedict Cumberbatch as Cummings. 

Meanwhile in America, the 90s sitcom ‘The Goldbergs’ gets a spin-off called ‘Schooled’. Lainey Lewis a failed musician who gets an opportunity to work as a music teacher at her former high school. Lewis faces a variety of challenges in her new job, being that she feels like a high schooler herself, yet she is forced to act like an adult. AJ Michalka will take on the lead role of Lewis.

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